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Your Brand's Website is the Digital Equivalent
of your High Street Shop Front

The overall design of your website can be the difference between a visitor becoming a lead. In fact, it impacts the way your prospect views your brand. Thus, an attractive website design that is easy or fun to use will result in a better conversion rate, and ROI.

A website designed with the user in mind will convince people that they can rely on you. You begin to develop a relationship based upon trust. Prospects that trust you are more likely to engage with your brand and, ultimately, become customers.

Content and Aesthetics

However attractive you want your website to look, there is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’. Overdoing the imagery can look messy and adversely affect your conversion rates. Cluttered pages might put your prospects off from engaging with your brand.

Working with LeadMetrics, your website will be engaging, maintaining a professional and “clean” appearance. Convince prospects they are in the right place with a new digital shop front.


Website Elements of Success


Arguably the pivotal element of any website is the navigation. It is your visitor’s portal to everything. If they can easily journey around your site and find the information they are looking for, then this could be the difference between another bounce or a conversion. Your navigation doesn’t need state-of-the art custom design. Keep it clear and simple.

Reading Patterns

There is one important thing to remember. We have been reading books a lot longer than we have been reading websites. We are used to reading from the top left corner – and then left to right. Web designers are aware of this and use knowledge of reading patterns to increase the chances of your visitors retaining important information.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Everything on your site, from your homepage to your blog will need to be indexed by search engines. Your website needs to be developed in such away that Google and Bing (among others) can easily crawl through your website. Better SEO means better organic visibility when your buyer personas are in the market for your product.

Include a Blog

Position yourself as an industry leader by including a blog that resonates with your intended audience. When sharing blog articles you are driving people towards your website, and this is an excellent gateway for new visitors to engage with your brand and content. Blogging also helps rankings - Google loves new content.

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"How your website design can convert your leads to customers!"

A website is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. It is the first place anyone will go when they want to find out anything about your brand. So, it might be time to sweep up a bit. Let this guide help you optimise your website for customer conversions and lead generation.

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Mobile Responsive Design

Over half of internet searches are performed from a mobile device. Rather than waiting until they are home or at work, your prospects are probably looking for you website at the moment the thought occurs to them. Even if it is only to research the product.

A slow website, or one that is difficult to navigate for the mobile user, will not build any trust with your prospect. In fact this can be quite damaging to your brand. Speak to us today about how you can make sure that mobile users get the best possible experience from your website.

Mobile Responsive

Committed to Website Design

The importance of your website experience can never be overstated. Your website is often a library of important information that will inevitably aid your prospect in their decision making. But it can be time-consuming to audit and amend your website. Don’t let other priorities stand in the way of an impressive user-experience. Book a Discovery Call today to discuss our website design and redesign.