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The Future of Social Media is Here

With each new generation spending more time on line than the last, social media is a channel that you cannot afford to ignore. Social media is where people meet, it is where they interact with one another, and it is where they tell each other stories. With intuitive social media management you can listen, share and monitor your buyer personas across all channels. Using SharpSpring’s platform, LeadMetrics can inject your brand into the conversation to help turn strangers into leads.

Research Relays Some Encouraging Stories

It doesn’t take a genius statistician to understand the trend. The younger audience is far more engaged on social media. Almost 95% of teenages have more than one social profile, and in 2019 there will be an estimated 2.7 billion social media users worldwide. Whatever your product or service - the future has gone social.

  • 37% of 65+ year-olds use social media
  • 64% of 50-64-year-olds have social media accounts
  • 78% of 30-49-year-olds have at least one social account
  • 88% of 18-29-year-olds use social media
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How To Manage Social Media

Since the dawn of the internet, it isn’t an exaggeration to argue that social media might just be the most revolutionary concept. People are living lives online. Playing games, sharing ideas, and building meaningful relationships. Many social media platforms are as intimate and personal as the user’s own home.

This free downloadable guide will help you traverse this intimacy and use social media to be able to build relationships, join conversations, and deliver content. Find your buyer personas online, and join the same social circles, groups and conversations.

It’s Fool Proof - isn’t It?

Social media isn’t just a digital telegraph pole or notice board for adverts to be pinned to. It is a platform of market research, and a place to interact with your buyer personas. It takes more than timing and scheduling posts. You need to find the time to insert yourself into the conversation. This is why you need SharpSpring’s intuitive SMM tool.


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SharpSpring Social Media

SharpSpring allows for intelligent social listening, as well as precise posting. Link all of your platforms and monitor the online conversations from one easy-to-use platform and social calendar.

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Social Listening

Before creating a social media campaign, it is a good idea to know what is being discussed in your industry. By tracking conversations around specific keywords, brands, topics and industries you can start to create content after being better informed. . There might be a conversation on a particular issue that could be answered with a well written blog or downloadable content.

Social Posting

Your social listening should have helped you decide upon the content that will attract your prospects to your website. Social media should delight and entertain. It also should ask interested prospects to perform a small call to action. This may be to download free content or visit the website. Regardless of your desired CTA, excellent content is effective if it accompanies a relevant call to action.

Social Media Management Pricing


Basic package for the business that wants to keep their social media consistent and relevant.



Or £1,250+VAT Annually

1 social network managed

  • 3 unique social posts per week Feature
  • UK based content writers
  • In-depth content plan Feature
  • Custom social media images Feature
  • Dedicated account manager


The social media package for the business that wants to improve online engagement.



Or £2,500+VAT Annually

Up to 2 social networks managed

  • 5 unique social posts per week Feature
  • UK based content writers
  • Social account setup Feature
  • In-depth content plan Feature
  • Custom social media images Feature
  • Monthly progress report
  • Dedicated account manager


The social package deigned to generate leads and provide prospects with consistent fresh content.

Most Popular Package



Or £4,500+VAT Annually

Up to 3 social networks managed

  • 10 unique social posts per week Feature
  • Daily monitoring of account Feature
  • UK based content writers
  • Social account setup Feature
  • In-depth content plan Feature
  • Custom social media images Feature
  • Monthly progress report
  • Dedicated account manager

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Social Monitoring

Focussing solely on your won content and the interactions is a tunnel-vision tactic, but it is useful to see who is engaging with your brand at the top of your sales funnel. By monitoring your posts, not only can you generate an overall view on the most successful content on your page, you are also able to join in the conversation with your buyer personas.

Committed to Social Media Management

It needs attention to help you design and create the perfect message for your buyer personas. For a small business, this might be a stretch of man hours.

But inconsistent social media management might disillusion your subscribers.

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