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Through the Top of the Funnel

Attracting your future customers and advocates is the primary concern of the top of the funnel. Your social media and blogs are ideal tools with which to carve the top of the funnel. Bringing visitors to a relevant landing page, complete with an appropriate CTA, is a good way to move your visitor from the lip of the funnel and convert them into leads.

LeadMetrics will provide you with content that fits your sales funnel. By looking at the traffic metrics, we can see whether the top of your sales funnel is weak. If you’re not attracting visitors, then your awareness building needs a tweak.

In the Middle of the Funnel

Here, in the middle of the funnel, the prospects are aware of you. Unfortunately, they are yet to realise that you can help. You must convince them you have the solution. Make sure your ‘About Us’ and ‘Services’ pages are up to date, you can educate prospects here.

Ask LeadMetrics about downloadable guides, and infographics. We can create content to reduce your website bounce rate.

The Bottom of the Funnel

Building trust is top priority when you move a lead to the bottom. The prospect already knows you exist and has realised how your company is able to assist them. The problem is, they are rolling around the bottom of your funnel unconverted.

By creating case studies, testimonials or emotionally driven stories, you can strengthen the bottom of your funnel and convert more leads. You can check all the statistics with SharpSpring’s platform.


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At all stages of the inbound marketing process, SharpSpring is your dynamic hands-on tool to create and implement your sales funnel. Book a demo with a member of LeadMetrics’ team to see SharpSpring in action.

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Committed to Funnel Design

Getting a funnel to work isn’t a simple process, however with help you will find that it can generate sales and lead for you in very little time. If you are struggling for time to create and design a funnel Book a Discovery Call today to find out about nurturing your prospects until they become leads.