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Manage your digital marketing channels from an intuitive marketing automation platform

Bring all your campaigns together

Digital marketing is such a multi-faceted occupation that it soon can feel like a juggling act.  There are so many platforms that help you with a variety of channels.  It makes sense to bring everything together and operate your entire digital marketing from one place.  LeadMetrics can help you automate your marketing efforts by supplying, and supporting, you with some powerful marketing

The benefits of marketing automation

Advanced CRM

Micromanage your contacts and prospects with a powerful CRM. Know where your prospects are in your sales funnel at all time.

Sales Pipeline

Create a bespoke sales pipeline that adequately reflects your business model. Guide, and understand the journey your prospects take before becoming customers.

Email Marketing

Provide scintillating content for your contacts, and nurture relationships even when they are not currently in the market for your products.

In-depth Analytics

Find out exactly how your campaigns are performing and use actionable data to help improve future conversion rates and engagement.

Data Capture Forms

Capture the data of future customers by gating content behind a data capture form. Build an engaged list of contacts.

Automated workflows

Make all of your channels work together with digital marketing automation workflow builders to build and deliver a flawless campaign.

Why Choose LeadMetrics?

LeadMetrics have an experienced marketing team that advocates both Active Campaign and SharpSpring.  They will offer frontline support for both platforms as you build campaigns.  Arrange a call with one of our specialists who will be able to advise you on the best platform for your brand.

Email marketing is hugely important to our business. We’ve been using LeadMetrics for nearly a decade to raise enquiry levels and the ROI we get back is stunning – easily 100%. It’s ease of use caps off a brilliant experience.

Jess Wilder