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Advertising your Brand has become a Multi-Channel Preoccupation

With the array of platforms and channels your prospects could interact with, the marketers “to do” list is getting larger. Automating your marketing efforts not only increases your reach and ROI, but it saves your brand time. Spend more time creating killer campaigns, and less time repeating menial tasks to distribute the old ones.

This is why SharpSpring’s platform is your deadliest weapon. It empowers you with a birds-eye view of all your marketing channels. With a diverse workflow builder, you can market across all of your channels, and seamlessly lead your prospect through your sales pipeline. Book a Discovery Call now to find out how automation can help your brand.


Introducing Workflows

To increase conversion rates, you will need to set up workflows. Using SharpSpring you can strategically nurture your leads through the sales pipeline. With a workflow, you can simultaneously manage a multitude of accounts that are all moving through your funnel at different rates.

A workflow allows you to view the prospects’ journey in an easy-to-interpret fashion. It autonomously monitors the customers behaviour, moving them from one relevant funnel to another, based on their engagement with your content. You will save hours of analysis by employing marketing automation and workflows with SharpSpring.

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Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology

Marketing automation software simplifies a very difficult practice. But there is always much to learn about building workflows and marketing across all channels. Remembering everything is a gargantuan task, and one that may take time you don’t have.

To help guide you through the labyrinthine language of marketing automation, there is The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology. Helping you slice through the jargon, it ultimately gives you a working bird’s-eye perspective of your multi-channel marketing process.

Marketing Automation Downloadable Guide

The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation guides your prospects through the ‘attract’, ‘convert’, and ‘close’ stages of your inbound journey. SharpSpring’s marketing automation will help you streamline your brand’s processes. You can view the entire prospect journey whilst monitoring their behaviour at the same time. Marketing automation allows you in-depth analysis, in no time at all.

Viewing a lead’s journey and interactions, easily helps you devise personalised and relevant closing packages to convert your leads into customers. It also allows you to swiftly diagnose any issues within the marketing process itself. Moreover, you can adjust it within the workflow. Ask a LeadMetrics team member for more information about automating your lead generation using SharpSpring.


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SharpSpring gives you complete control of your marketing processes, and allows you to juggle a multitude of customers with ease. Contact a LeadMetrics Geek to book your demonstration of SharpSpring’s intelligent and user-friendly platform.

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Committed to Marketing Automation

Automating your marketing efforts will save you time and will positively impact your ROI and customer engagement. Let SharpSpring give your sales that much-coveted turbo boost. Speak to a member of the LeadMetrics team today for a demo of the platform, and to discuss how we can help you create and implement workflows that dirve your prospect through the funnel and into the checkout. We can help make sure that your message is being delivered to the right person, at the right time.