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There are Various Mechanics and Channels Involved with Attracting Leads to your Brand

You won’t have been working in marketing for very long before you first heard the term lead generation. For a lot of us, at one point, it was one of those savvy-sounding buzzwords. In essence, we knew it was the process of getting people interested in your company. Put in such small definable terms, it sounds so simple.

In almost all cases, high quality content is going to be the most effective form of lead bait. By sharing engaging, thought-provoking, content you will bring your prospects to your website. LeadMetrics, teaming with SharpSpring, can help you create that all important content, and monitor how your prospects behave as they enter your funnel.

Why do you Need Lead Generation?

The consumers of today are different. They no longer want to be told what to buy, and who to buy from. They want you to wine and dine them first. Provide a prospect with enough valuable content, then they begin to develop an attachment to your brand. You guarantee relevant traffic on your website, and you are talking to interested parties.

By Generating Organic Interest,
your Prospects Wield the Power

In an ideal world, your candidate would find, and initiate a relationship with, your brand. They can begin the conversation, but like any tentative interest, they can leave you at any time.

If your business relationship begins with the customer interested in you, it is more likely to be successful than if you began pestering them as a cold lead. This is why lead generation is so important. By providing content and advice you are paving the way for your prospect to fall in love with your brand.

The Many Methods of Lead Generation

Lead generation is not simply writing a blog and waiting for people to find it. You need to utilise many channels to distribute your content. All content, with the right CTA, is a gateway onto your website.

LeadMetrics' content creators can craft you content, and distribute it across all channels. Easily generate leads by connecting to the channels where you will find most of your target market. We use methods such as:

  • Website/Landing Pages: Bring them into your website with a page that discusses targeted and relevant content.
  • Your Blog: Provide useful content that will assist your prospects in their daily routines.
  • Social Media: Reach your buyer personas when they are on Facebook, Twitter and any other platform that they will search for content on.
  • White Papers/eBooks: High powered and highly relevant content that can be accessed by passing through a "gate" by leaving contact details.
An introduction to Lead Generation

An Introduction to Lead Generation for your Business

Don’t you think it is about time cold calling became a thing of the past? Companies calling you all hours of the day on the off-chance that you need one of their products or services. A lot of time is wasted on irrelevant and uninterested leads this way.

This downloadable guide will help you guide market-applicable leads through the inbound journey, and eventually persuade them to become advocates for you brand. Download this guide for free.

What is a Qualified Lead?

If your ideal customer is reading your blogs and interacting with your social media then they could be a qualified lead. There are two steps to this process:

  • Marketing-qualified lead: Someone who matches your buyer persona profile and engages with much of your content at the top of your funnel. These are considered to be a prospect and passed to your lead development team.
  • Sales-qualified lead: A prospect who meets the criteria of a marketing-qualified lead and is ready to be passed to your sales team.

How you define a marketing-qualified lead will largely depend upon your company, but ordinarily, it’s the product of measured content interaction. The more engagement your prospects show, the more interested they are in your company. Thus, these are potential customers and brand advocates.


LeadMetrics Recommends
SharpSpring To Manage Lead Generation

Using SharpSpring’s intelligent platform you can monitor the distribution and reception of all of your content. Create a content-based campaign, analyse the effectiveness of your blog. It can all be done with SharpSpring’s marketing automation software.

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Committed to Lead Generation

Attracting prospects to your funnel is only the beginning of a profitable journey that you and your future advocates will take. However, lead generation often takes patience. For a small business this might be a demanding task. If other priorities are getting in the way of creating the necessary content for lead generation, Book a Discovery Call today to see how we can help you attract new prospects.