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Let’s Talk about that Landing Page Problem

Consider the prospect’s journey. They have responded to an engaging social media post, or an email campaign that deals with a topic with insightful precision. They click through to your homepage, and thus ends their journey. The anti-climactic response could have been avoided with one more page of relevant content.

A relevant landing page will have a specific goal to convert your prospect from visitor to lead. If the CTA on your page is appropriate, then convincing them to convert will be fairly simple.

Leadmetrics can create and optimise landing pages to improve the overall experience for your prospects.

Landing Page

What Every Landing Page Needs

  • A CATCHY HEADLINE: This is the first thing your prospects are going to see. Impress them from the off!
  • STUNNING IMAGERY: Some users won't bother reading the headline. Persuade them with your imagery.
  • TRUST INDICATORS: Testimonials or logos of other brands will add to the persuasive power of your page.
  • CLEAN CTA: Lead them to that final decision. You want to convert this visitor into a lead,this is your chance.
  • POST-CONVERSION PAGE: You can use this page to craft an early offer for your newest subscribers.

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Keep Your Prospects Focussed With a Landing Page

Did you know that the attention span of the average web user has been measured at just over 8 seconds? This makes a page from your website problematic. There are often too many items to distract a prospect from the goal that brought them to your website. Often, when faced with far too many options, we find that we make no decisions at all.

The beauty of a landing page, is that it limits the visitor’s activities and offers them a single choice. By creating a binary decision, you are making the journey for your prospect easier. There are no distractions in their peripheral vision to give them pause. The decision is simple: click the button – don’t click the button.


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Committed to Landing Page Creation

A landing page doesn’t have to be complicated and visually bamboozling, in fact simplicity rarely equates to ugly, or even boring. Sometimes what a customer needs in order to convert, is simplicity. But you still have to build the page. Building a relevant landing page needn’t distract you from other aspects of your job. Book a Discovery Call today and find out how we can help your brand convert more leads with an optimised landing page.