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Email Marketing has Always Been the most Resilient Digital Marketing Channel

In a life that has spanned over 40 years, it is the oldest of the digital channels too. Many times, one group or another has declared that “email is dead”, yet it always out-performs other marketing channels on ROI. So, it is unsurprising, email is an integral component of inbound marketing.

Unlike social media, email is perfectly poised to create a more personal experience for your prospects. The information you gathered during the “attract” stage of the inbound journey, is used to target your prospects more specifically to discuss their personal needs.


Segmentation Segmentation & Personalisation

We are long past the days when a prospect has been impressed just by seeing their name on an email. If you are exhibiting in Plymouth, would you want to invite those prospects from Glasgow? Perhaps a prospect has shown interest in one particular service or product. There are more ways to personalise an email than merely saying: “Dear Dave”.


The amount of time saved by email automation is almost indescribable. Suffice it to say, the fully functional email marketing platform built into SharpSpring will enable you to keep the conversation between you and your prospects going. Send birthday offers, arrange follow-up calls, or send another email without even having to turn your computer on.

Mobile ResponsiveMobile Responsive Email

Here are some interesting statistics for you. Over 55% of emails are opened on a mobile as opposed to desktop. Mobile users also check their emails three times as often as desktop users. With this upsurge in mobile usage, it makes less sense to be sending out HTML emails that don’t translate well to the mobile device.

With LeadMetrics you can build campaigns that will look glorious on any device. No matter where your recipient is, they will be able to see, and interact with, your mobile responsive email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing is not an exact science. However, there are some best practices you can use to get the most from your email experience.

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AnalysisIndepth Analysis

How a recipient reacts to your email is easy to measure. You can see whether they opened it more than once. You can track what links they have clicked within your email. You can see what device they used, where they are based, whether they forwarded your message. By building a profile of your prospect, these analytics help improve future campaigns.

Dynamic ContentDynamic Content

Go completely next level with your personalisation by using dynamic content that will change depending upon the recipient. Your customers will not be perplexed by irrelevant content again. This attention to individual detail increases the chances of a customer conversion, and will make your prospect feel valued wherever they are in your pipeline.

It’s all about the Content

So far on your customer’s inbound journey, you have created a lot of content to convert your prospects. Now that you are trying to convince them to become a customer, content is equally as important. Only now you have the benefit of being able to personalise the content. Tailor your prospect’s journey through the funnel at a more individual level.

Email marketing is more than a way to deliver offers and discounts through the internet. It is a distribution channel for useful content. Links, blogs, infographics, and any downloadable content can be delivered to them directlly. As long as the content is relevant, your customer will appreciate the effort you have gone to on their behalf.

Template Selection

LeadMetrics Recommends
SharpSpring Smart Email

SharpSpring’s platform will make sure that the lively and unique content will be delivered to the right customer, at the right time.

  • WYSIWYG Email Designer
  • Transformative Email Analytics
  • Dynamic Email
  • After-the-Click Behavioral-Based Email Tracking
  • Library Of Responsive Templates
  • Add Attachments
  • Create Your Own Email Templates
  • Smart Mails
  • Custom Merge Variables
  • Email Workflows
  • HTML Editor
  • Trigger Emails
  • Organised & Convenient
  • Send Test Emails
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Committed to Email Marketing

Setting a series of autoresponders and workflows in order to make sure your subscriber gets the right emails sounds like an awful lot of work doesn’t it? LeadMetrics are here to provide functional and accurate sequences that will ensure that your subscribers receive your timely message.

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