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There doesn’t seem to be one accepted universal definition of sales enablement. In its most basic form, sales enablement is about simplifying the sales process for your sales team. There are a variety of tools that can feed sales enablement in your company.

Leadmetrics trust SharpSpring’s versatile and intelligent CRM, and automated marketing to keep your sales team on top of the sales pipeline.

At all stages on the inbound journey, it is useful to be able to view the progress of each customer. Furthermore, with in-depth reporting, the sales representative will be able to see what is needed to advance your prospect through the sales funnel.

The sales representative should be able to access all the tools and instruments to be effective. With SharpSpring, your team will have everything they need at their fingertips.


Accessible and accurate data on a customer is a vital component of any sales journey. To enable the sales, it is important to adopt a CRM that can track your prospect throughout out the sales pipeline to be able to locate them and manage them with simplicity.

You can track estimated revenues, close dates, and any contacts made whilst chasing a specific opportunity. Sales representatives prepare to bring a customer through the journey with accelerated efficiency.


To be able to create reports based upon salesperson performance or the team as a whole is useful to be able to diagnose any potential sales issues. For instance, it might pull up data displaying that you are booking in a lot of demo’s, but not converting many to customers. Using this reporting you can then analyse the demo process to diagnose the flaws.

Reporting is one of the most useful ways to improve the sales process. As well as reporting upon the sales process, it can highlight information about customer behaviour, or the effectiveness of specific elements of the sales process.


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Never lose sight of a lead again with SharpSpring’s incisive CRM. Move leads through the pipeline to help your sales team know where the prospect is in their inbound marketing journey.

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Communicating with your sales team is an imperative part of growing your business. by keeping on top of your sales pipeline, you can empower your sales representatives with real-time information that will help them close the lead. LeadMetrics are here to provide functional and accurate information that will bring your prospects closer to the checkout.