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Quantitative Data Analysis

One of the ways to look for CRO opportunities on your website, is to track your conversions and pull statistics and data from your site to analyse the ways your visitors behave on your website. Quantitative Analysis pulls up useful information, such as:

  • Which of your pages visitors land on
  • Which channel or referrer brought them in
  • What browsers they used
  • What pages they visit and features they engage with
  • Where visitors abandon you

Analysing your site this way can help you diagnose any issues there are with your website or sales funnel.

Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative data analysis is a people-centric method and is altogether a little more subjective. By using quantitative data, we can make inferences about your ideal customers and target them for more research such as on-site surveys, or user testing. Qualitative analysis provides useful information such as:

  • Why did they decide to visit your site
  • What was appealing/unappealing about your site
  • Is there a feature that makes purchasing from you a better experience
  • What discussions do they have about your company

Bringing all data together you can make better informed decisions about the best CRO opportunities on your website.

CRO for your Homepage

Your homepage is your best opportunity for CRO. If your visitor hasn’t come via a landing page, then the homepage is likely to be their first impression of your brand. If it doesn’t entice your visitors further into your website, then it’s not doing its job.

Product information, chatbots or free signup buttons are useful for getting people further involved with your website. Book a Discovery Call today for a homepage audit, and advice on how to best optimise your homepage.

CRO for your Blog

The blog is one of the biggest conversion opportunities for a business’s site. Your provocative and useful information needs CRO to help convert those browsing strangers into hot leads.

Using downloadable content and CTAs you could optimise your conversion rate on your blog. Speak to a member of the LeadMetrics team to discuss optimisation on your blog.

CRO for your Landing Pages

Your landing pages are designed for the sole purpose of visitors taking action. Most landing pages are going to have a CTA involved, whether it be to download a guide, or to take out a free trial. It stands to reason that a landing page needs to be entirely focussed on conversion.

Landing pages can be optimised with alluring content and previews of any downloadable materials. Speak to a member of our team to discuss how we can implement CRO to help you get the most from your landing pages.

Committed to Conversion Rate Optimisation

Making sure your website and marketing efforts are getting the best traction possible is a constant task. The way things shift and change on the internet, you need to analyse your content and website frequently. Speak to a LeadMetrics team member today to discuss how we can shoulder the burden of conversion rate optimisation for your busy brand.


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