Vlogging is the new black for businesses

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Have you listened to YouTube recently?  In between songs on your favourite Killswitch Engage album you will have probably heard the excitable tones of Bastián Ernst, or the balmy resonance of Sam Ovens.  Thanks to vlogging, they have become marketing’s new rock stars.  They chirpily interrupt your playlists and often giveaway some free information that you can use.  Vlogging has certainly become fashionable for businesses.

The new black you might say.

Despite the fact Vlogging has been around for a couple of years now, it’s virality is just starting.  Everyone from marketers to head banging guitarists are jumping on the vlogging bandwagon.  More people are sticking their recently groomed heads in front of a camera to talk about…things.

Intelligent and knowledgeable things.

Which in its own way makes it a little bit more daunting to consider starting a vlog yourself.  When your own video is pitted against the professionally made consultancy vlogs, complete with stunning vistas and sexy accents, you may feel your own contributions to be inadequate.

It might show you up to be the fraudulent stool-flinging gibbon you think you are.

So, you don’t do it.

Perhaps, however, it is time to think about putting a vlog together.  There are many good reasons that Vlogging is the new black for businesses.

Marketing brand voice mic filter

Because vlogging is authentic

You might not think or believe this, but there is one fact that is indisputable: nobody thinks or speaks exactly the way that you do.

You can quote me on that.

The thing is, no matter how much production you put into your vlog, or how many takes or edits it needs to get it right, it will always seem more authentic. 

Long ago we cracked the code with advert.  They are actors, the man from Del Monte, that Milk Tray SAS Agent Stalker dude, and even the Go Compare singing irritant.  They aren’t real.

Sorry kids.

But there is something that seems inadvertently honest about a singular marketer, using their own name, sat in front of a camera and just talking.  An actor mimics the emotions that a director and writers create for them.  The Vlogger sits alone seemingly unscripted telling stories.

With that, comes an inimitable voice.  Your marketing brand voice personified and given a condenser mic and pop filter.  The authenticity that you attempt to carry over in a blog or a social media post is presented in all its glory.

Even if the camera does in fact add ten pounds.

Vlogging mouth agape

A vlog is digestible

You might be the best writer in the world.  You could be the Chuck Palahniuk of content writing.  The thing is, you will always be asking more of your audience with a blog article.  It’s not like they can sit back and just let the information hit them.  They must make the willing decision to engage with the article.  Vlogging changes the rule just slightly.

Moving pictures have always been much more interesting to look at than static words on an alabaster web page.  But, more importantly, you can’t turn to another screen and carry on working with a blog article.  The important content on a vlog is delivered through audio, and thus easier to deliver.   A listener doesn’t feel the need to turn their full attention to the content as a reader would.

It isn’t that a blog can’t be captivating and interesting.

It’s that reading can be a bit tiring.

It takes more energy to read than it does to sit back on your chair with your mouth agape.

Record. Speak. Cringe

Fast, with the bare minimum amount of effort

Said the actress to the bishop.

A lot of marketing channels take a lot of effort.  For instance, I am 616 words into the first draft of this article, and it has already taken me forty minutes to get this far.  Fair enough that includes some of the research.  However, creating a vlog might have cut that down considerably.

It’s fast with the bare minimum amount of effort.

Most marketers have a smartphone.

Said smartphone, more than likely, has a camera

Record.  Speak.  Cringe. Re-record. Publish.

It’s a fairly simple process to follow, and it cost nothing to create. 

A video takes very little time to upload, and very little effort to record.  If you want to add lighting, music, or fun props to entertain your viewers that little bit more, then they are extra.  Any extra cost you add to the vlogging experience is completely up to you.  It requires an optional amount of investment

Vlogging tone of voice

Vlogging cuts through context barriers

There is one main problem with written text.  You have probably seen it through your own emails and private messages on social media.  Sometimes, a joke or a careless sentence just doesn’t come off.

Like, did that writer meant to sound so arrogant?

Are my friends really being that abrupt?

However, the same sentence delivered vocally can be received very differently.  It somehow has been given context.

Tone of voice and body language can often say more than the words that were written on the page.  You can judge the personality and the attitude of a person much easier when you can see and hear the persons delivery.  Vlogging is a more honest approach to content creation that doesn’t get mired down with interpretation quite so much as a literary work.

Content’s heavy lifter

Vlogging has one distinct advantage over the keyboard superheroes that tirelessly try to churn out vast amounts of content.  With a vlog, you can deal with much heavier content, and deliver it in a far quicker time.

Certain aspects of your industry might be difficult to deliver by language alone.  And, even then, with the frequent misinterpretations of text and jargon, a blog can be weighted down by the sheer amount of text being delivered.

Vlogging allows for better use of visual aids.  Yes, we can illustrate our blog articles with wonderful graphs and infographics that will help explain a point.  But hearing them described and seeing them analysed in the simple terms of a vlogger will not only allow you absorb the information quicker, it will be a sight more interesting to watch as well.

SEO breakdancing spacesuit

Video and SEO are like best buddies

Greetje den Holder provides an interesting fact for us.  “62 percent of all Google Universal searches include video content”.  That means that a Vlog is more likely to put you higher in their search rankings.

Any content creator will understand the power of that.  Writing content for Google can be tiresome.  Trying to beat other articles on a similar subject is often akin to attempting to breakdance in a spacesuit.  Trying to create that unicorn article is an uphill struggle against a tidal wave of thought leaders and experienced content writers.  If vlogging gives you extra impetus as you struggle to think and create, then it seems to be a no brainer.

In fact, where’s my camera

Doing vlogging comes with some “don’t do” warnings

Vlogging might seem as simple as getting out the smartphone and burbling a stream of consciousness at it.  But there are mistakes that you can make.  Here are three important things you ought to be aware of before you inflict yourself on the world.

Don’t play a character

People who want blogs prefer authenticity and honesty.  If you are giving away important information or expressing an opinion on a particular problem within your industry, then it is you that they want to hear from.

Traipsing around your boardroom wearing a fluffy ginger wig and a fake nose might sound like a lot of fun, but immediately you are going to lose your audience.  There is nothing wrong with introducing a little humour to your work, but you do want your audience to take you seriously.

Don’t wing it

It sounds simple and obvious.  But it’s one of the easiest mistakes to make.  Working with just a title and your opinion is likely to produce a video of such poor quality that you will struggle to find any regular subscribers.

You don’t have to write a word for word script complete with puns and haikus.  But, a working structure of your ideas will make for better, and more coherent, content.

monotone teacher vlogging

Don’t be boring

This actually can be the biggest and most important flaw of all.  It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, nor does it matter your opinions if you are going to deliver them with all the energy of a bumblebee’s hum.  If you drone on in a monotone reminiscent of a world-weary maths teacher then you are likely to repel subscribers and listeners.

If you cannot be engaging, personable or fun, then put someone else in front of the camera.  You can still do the groundwork for them and get your ideas across, but delivery is key.

Wrapping up

Vlogging, as far as marketing is concerned, is still a pretty new venture.  People are still eyeing up the term with nauseated suspicion.  But there is a definite rise in the number of vlogs we are exposed to. Our YouTube adverts, LinkedIn posts.  Some companies even have a vlog section running alongside their traditional blogging platforms.

The reason is – it works.

People are engaging, sharing and tagging interesting videos.  This engagement leads to massive brand awareness and breeds a high level of trust.

Who doesn’t want that for their brand?

If you have an interest in vlogging or want to add some ideas for the readers of this article, please comment below.  We look forward to reading any feedback you have.

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