How Solicitors can get the most from video

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No industry can escape the lure of video marketing; there’s no such thing as a type of business that “just doesn’t work for video”. Take solicitors. If you’re working in that sector, you’d be forgiven for thinking that video is entirely unsuitable for a job that is based almost solely at the desk.

Think again. Video could help your firm reach a whole new audience this year and do so in a way that’s both cost-effective and a huge amount of fun.

Here’s how to get the most from video if you’re a solicitor.

Your audience want to be entertained educated and encouraged

Think ‘story’, not ‘sale’

Video marketing isn’t about selling products or services.

Ok, it is, but that isn’t how it should appear to the viewer.

Your audience want to be entertained, educated and encouraged to take action on something – gently. If that means downloading your free guide to first-time home buying – bingo, you’ve understood the purpose of video marketing.

This is why you need to focus on creating a story for your video marketing projects. The idea is to use video’s unmistakable ability to play on the emotions of viewers to drive engagement and encourage shares.

Don’t pick up your camera or smartphone until you’ve got the beginning, middle and end of your story in mind. Treat it like a visual blog post.

First ten seconds of solicitors videos

You have 10 seconds: use them wisely

There’s a reason YouTube offers such a limited preview of adverts before continuing to the main feature – it should be possible to engage people in 10 seconds or less.

The first 10 seconds of every video you create are the most important, so use them wisely. Start immediately by asking a question that you know your audience has rolling around in their head and indicate that the answer is on the way.

Have a laugh with your videos

Have a laugh

A video about a solicitor firm will be teeth-grindingly dull if it doesn’t include any humour.

Have a laugh with your videos. Yes, you work in a very corporate, document- and process-driven world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun.

Think about how comical some of the house buying process is, or how disputes over finances can be boiled down to petty squabbles.

The more humour there is in your videos, the more likely people are to realise that you’re not just any old solicitor and that you may well be worth working with.

Solicitors website pages and video SEO

Think SEO

Just like the pages on your website, videos need to be optimised for search engines. Search engine optimisation (SEO) should therefore form a key part of your video strategy.

Depending on where you host your videos (YouTube and Vimeo are the most obvious examples), it’s important to use tagging features to categorise them properly and include plenty of references to keywords in both the title and descriptions.

YOu just need your smartphone

Wrapping up

See? Video marketing for solicitors isn’t an impossible task.

In fact, you might find that it becomes one of your most useful forms of marketing content this year.

The best news? You just need your smartphone, so grab yours and start shooting (once you’ve got that story nailed, of course).

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