Create Scorching Social Media Campaigns This Summer

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It’s almost time to create summer social media campaigns. Although, looking out the window you wouldn’t know it. You know they say about British Springtime.  If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour.  As these words are appearing bullets of rain hit the windows.  An endless iron wool serape stretches between all horizons.  Is anyone else craving the summer months right about now? 

But, it’s hard to get fully motivated when you are looking out a rain-flooding car park.  Also, it’s difficult to conjure those happy summery thoughts at will.  Still, short of turning up in psychedelic Bermuda shorts, we need to bring the warm season to the office.

If you are managing the social media for your brand, then here are some ideas to bring the summer in early.


Summer fleeting sun

Bring your bright colours to Instagram

The thing with social media, especially Instagram, is that it is all about the images.  In April 2017, Starbucks owned Instagram with their Unicorn Frappuccino.  This monstrous frappe seemed to be coloured in a vibrant combination of Barney the Dinosaur, melted Disney Princesses and future sugar comas.  However,as you can imagine, the millennials on Instagram lapped it up.

Moreover, Paige Worthy also pointed out that part of this social media campaign’s power was not just in the fact it was coloured luminescent by a hyperactive toddler.  It was also only available for a limited time.  Worthy is right about scarcity being one of the oldest tricks in the book, but “capitalizing on it via social media can create a viral sensation”.

Remind your audience that summer, especially on our temperately beautiful island, is only a temporary state of affairs by making a summer offer that will be as fleeting as the summer sun.


Facebook Social Media Campaign

Summer is family time on Facebook

Apart from Christmas, there are few periods where families get to spend proper time together.  Summer is about people creating memories together.  Trips to the beach. And,  frequenting theme parks.  There are festivals, cricket matches, water parks, and pub gardens.  And, whenever groups of people turn up at one of these, what happens next?

They all end up on Facebook.

As far as the physical social element of social media, there is no bigger platform than Facebook.  The obsession with showing the world how wonderful a time you’re having is still most prevalent on this platform.  This gives you a great opportunity to try and squeeze some user generated content out of their beach balls.

Hold a social media competition asking for pictures of people using your products on their summer holidays.  Imagine people competing with each to look like they are having the most fun as they parade around with your brand on show.  You couldn’t ask for better marketing.


Oh…and school still happens

Last summer, about three days into the summer holidays, something surprising happened.  Everyone started releasing their back to school social media campaigns.  However, it says a lot for the children of the twenty-first century if after a mere three days of summer holiday, we’re already fantasising about sending them back to school.  But it is a summer consideration.

So, you still have to get it ready nice and early.

NO, it doesn’t sound like you’re bringing summer to the office right now.  But if your products are applicable to the students that will be shunted back to their desks at the end of summer, then now is the time to start planning your marketing campaigns.


Festival of broken toilets

Summer social media campaigns event tie-ins

One excellent way of ramping up your social presence is to find the events that relate to your brand.  If you are one of our transatlantic cousins, then I am sure you are tying your brand into the Fourth of July, and other holidays.  Here in blessed Blighty, there are festivals such as Download or Glastonbury among the plethora of bank holidays.

People are looking forward to getting out of their Game of Thrones clothes and into the glorious sunshine that might make a brief appearance this summer.  With these massive festivals and celebration comes a melange of hashtags that might prove relevant. 

I am wearing Your Brand wellies at #Glastonbury2019.

It might seem a bit cheeky, piggybacking on the vibrant products of someone else, however, these events are simply your target market rounded up and thrown into a field to use broken portable toilets for a weekend.  You might as well let them know you can offer them some measure of comfort or fun.


Human social media campaign

Pick your summer fantasy social media campaigns

Frank J Kenny points out that questions and “fill-in-the-blanks are a good way to get conversations going”.  During the summer, you promote others to interact by asking summer questions.  For instance, as Kenny suggests: “Lemonade or something stronger?”

Looking out of your office during a massive summer heatwave (hopefully), how many of you have thought “I could do with a pub lunch?”  This is a question for social media.  People will engage with your more human posts.  Is it selling your products?  Not directly no.  Are people engaging with your brand in a positive way?  Absolutely.


Summer moaning heat

Wrapping up (because it is still cold and wet)

Unfortunately, being one of those typically white British guys, Summer will arrive only moments before the moaning about the heat.  Being a natural redhead too, I don’t understand why I even think Summer is a good idea.  But here we are.  Envisioning sandy beaches, ice-creams and picnics.

It’s human nature I suppose.  To run out and gawk at the sun.  And, to dream of languishing in the heat with sparkling beverages waiting for the barbecue to be lit.   This is what we need to bring to our social media.  The young sun loving crowds will interact and engage with most things that encourages their sun worship.

As always, if you have any social media ideas for summer and wish to share with everyone reading this then please comment below.

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