How do you become a powerful niche marketer?

How to become a powerful niche marketer

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There are a lot of brilliant marketers out there.  You have probably come across many of these enviable geniuses in your social networks.  You know the ones that seem to churn fantastic content regardless of what industry they are writing for.  There are some marketers that don’t like being restricted to becoming a single niche marketer.

Some freelancers prefer the freedom of being able to take on a variety of exciting projects. 

Others have either fallen into or have designed their career around understand a particular industry.  Thusly, they have devoted their career to studying and promoting businesses within their niche.  There are distinct pros and cons to niche marketing, but if you focus on a market segment that, then you’ll know that becoming a powerful marketer for this industry doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time and effort.

In fact, you probably find that the research alone consumes a hefty portion of your time.

So, do you want to offer digital marketing solutions for a specific slice of the market?  This is everything you need to know.

Research your niche marketer

So, let’s start with that whole niche research nonsense

It’s a filthy awful naughty word to many people isn’t it?  Research. For some content writers it takes up a massive proportion of their time when they could be creating.  In fact, it has been known for blog writers to perform the bare minimum of research to create blogs purely for SEO.

As great as this is for your website, it doesn’t help your prospects or customers much.  They are likely to have come across this information before.  It stands to reason that if you are going to become powerful as a niche marketer, you need to turn your research game up to eleven.

You need to know what truly matters to your niche. 

Ask yourself these questions before you start:

  • Do you understand their industry specific jargon, acronyms and abbreviations?
  • What common problems occur within your industry?
  • What solutions are needed and what can you offer?
  • Have there been any industry changes or new legislations that you need to know?
  • What is the most common conversation being had in your industry?

These are all good starting points for you to be able to understand the industry that you are trying to market for.

Commitment, subscription, doubling down

If you are going to succeed with niche marketing, then you need to commit.  You need to double down your time and improve your knowledge base.  Rapidly.

To be able to help a specific market segment you need fresh news and information as it happens.  Rather than trawling through the internet day after day, get the information to wing its way to you.

Every website you find that provides you with good information, subscribe to their mailing list.

There are often free subscriptions to magazines in every industry, it doesn’t hurt to get on their mailing list.

Find as many magazines, websites, ezines and blogs that your prospects would be interested in and consume the content. 

Commit to understanding your customers’ needs by subscribing and reading the material their industry experts are creating.

This is the best way to keep abreast of changes in your prospects’ niche.

Industry expert marketing

Talk about your niche on LinkedIn

Now you have all the research and subscriptions that you will need, how do you demonstrate the power of your knowledge?

How do you get your prospects to trust you with their marketing?

You create discussions important to the decision makers within the niche you are marketing with.  

Use LinkedIn hashtags to target industry professionals and ask pertinent questions. 

By taking to social media and writing fluently you are showing your customers that you understand their industry.  Who doesn’t want that in their marketing department?

To have a marketer that is also an industry expert is a powerful tool to have.

Create useful tools for your niche

Although creating the online conversations are a powerful way of making you known in your industry, you need to be able to offer solutions too.

A powerful niche marketer will create videos and downloadable guides for their customers and prospects.  Rather than creating sales materials, find ways to educate and teach people how to manage their marketing tasks.

By tailoring the content, you can make everything you create seem like you are talking directly to each specific customer.  Your guide should cut through the white noise of generic content that the jack-of-all-trades marketing gurus create.

Biting edge of the industry

Wrapping up all cosy in your little niche

Niche marketing takes investment and understanding.

Every customer wants to believe that you fully understand their business and their requirements.  That is the main advantage you have over the generic marketers that can only really harvest a passable amount of knowledge about their customers’ industries.

The greatest thing, however, is the learning curve.  By committing to one niche you can get yourself in the position to learn all about their technologies and innovations.  Anything new and exciting happens for your customers you will not miss a trick.  You will have the information, and you can keep your customers on the biting edge of their industry.

If there is anything you wish to add to the conversation the please feel free to comment below.

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