“Get off my Landing Page”: How Pages Harvest Leads

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You have this new website.  You know that all the coolest pages harvest leads, and your website is the business.  It’s gorgeous.  You can turn all your icons a hot magenta when you run the cursor over it.  You decide to use the homepage as your landing page.  But it doesn’t seem to convert.

I suppose we had better scrap the website then.

Only that would be an incredible waste.

The problem here isn’t your website.  It’s your lack of a landing page.  There are compelling reasons to use landing pages as opposed to sending people straight to your website.


Take a new trial outA landing page is part of a conversation

If people start engaging with your posts on social media or a Google ad, they might click the link.  The experience they receive from here should be directly applicable to the conversation they were having with you on another platform.

There is nothing worse than reading an informative or entertaining post just to click through to a homepage audaciously asking you to take a trial out.

I am sorry.  I like you; but we’re just not quite there yet.

Pages harvest leads by bringing the lead further down the funnel in a linear fashion.  Your advert or social post may have been discussing lead generation.  If so, this landing page should talk about Lead Generation, and offer that downloadable guide that you have been working on for weeks.  As long as the content is relevant.

Every campaign should have a unique landing page aiming to bring relevant customers through the sales pipeline.


8 second squirrelSimple pages harvest leads

You know the main problem with websites at times?  They can be too complicated.  Even the simplest websites have a variety of things to distract us as soon as we land there.  With our 8 second attention spans, we land on your homepage and then…oh look a squirrel…and where was I?  What was I going to do?

At this point a landing page would be telling you what to do.

There are only two things you can do.

Convert.  Or not.

The best landing page you will create will be very simple.  Stripped of the website navigation, all social media links, and any other links that are not directly related to the CTA.   Then, pride of place in centre stage, big text that tells them exactly what to do.  And at this point they can either obsequiously follow the CTA, or they can bounce.


Final touchpoint and pages harvest leadsUse them to gate content


A landing page must be a final touchpoint between that prospect and the awesome content you have promised them.  The landing page can be tailored to match the eBook or downloadable guide that you are attempting to use to covert a stranger into a lead.  It could even act as a blurb.

A landing page in your colours, with your logo, will be a trustworthy site for this transaction to take place.  Importantly, forms on pages harvest leads regularly.  They ask for a limited, but important, cache of data.

Hosting pages like this on your website might confuse your visitors if they arrive on this page without any previous context.


Risking turning prospect awayMobile responsive landing pages harvest leads

As with everything digital marketing, you can’t forget the increasingly common device for interacting with the internet.

Our mobile devices are used to:

  • Help us research on the internet
  • Let us socialise with the internet
  • Ask the internet to send us food
  • Make the internet play us music
  • And films
  • Oh, and don’t forget the games

Everything that the internet can possibly do for us, we use our mobiles to do it.  Moreover, in a large way, the mobile experience is very important to us as a civilised culture.  If your landing page is not mobile responsive, then you are risking pushing your prospect away.  It’s risky.  And it isn’t worth the risk.


Coming in to land


With the plethora of landing page builders out there, there is almost no excuse not to be building them.  Of course, some come in drag and drop, so you don’t even need to worry about cracking out the HTML to build your landing page.

Pages harvest leads.  It’s true.  A well-crafted landing page could be the reason that a wavering, indifferent customer might take the chance and give you their email address.

Please feel free to share all of your landing page wisdom with us by commenting below.  Also, we always like hearing additions and other advice.

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