How to juggle multiple Facebook pages

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Social media managers lift your weary heads, I have a question.  How many of you out there are juggling multiple Facebook pages?  And, let’s be honest, how many of you are about ready to throw your laptop through the window?

When you started managing Facebook pages for your clients, did you realise how time consuming this would all be?

I will be honest with you.  I didn’t.

At the beginning I underestimated the work that goes into managing multiple Facebook pages.  Like many people, I thought that it would be a cinch.  Did you expect to swan from one page to another dropping bombs of content for your clients’ audience, and then spend the day relaxing knowing that Facebook pages are a doddle.

But no, it isn’t like that.

It’s a little more complex than that.

Identical clients

What is the complex problem with multiple Facebook pages?

The thing about Facebook pages is that they are so diverse and versatile.  And, every business and personality have one!

A Facebook page is just as appropriate being the social media shop front of your eCommerce shoe shop, as it is a good representation of your local MP.  No matter what business plan or market you can dream up, a Facebook page is an appropriate marketing method.

And every company is different.

With unique objectives.

Dissimilar obstacles to one another.

So, juggling multiple Facebook pages isn’t difficult because Facebook is a pain, but because all of our clients just couldn’t be the same as each other, could they?

So how do we juggle multiple Facebook accounts?

Social Media Management needs to be reliable

Get a good social media management platform

Social Media Management tools must be a bit like your car.  Trustworthy, comfortable and simple. 

If you are going to be juggling multiple Facebook pages, you will need a system you are going to be in it for a few hours at a time.  You will want to quickly find your way around it, and not be irritated by its’ mechanisms.

Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer are ideal for managing multiple social media accounts, but they are not without their quirks.  Be mindful, especially if you have a large client base, that you are going to be in this program for a large proportion of your time.

Make sure it is the right one for you.  Most have a free trial so you can try-before-you-buy.

And that’s very handy.

Winging multiple Facebook pages is a bad idea

And you might need a decent calendar or project management tool

The thing about bouncing from one Facebook page to the next, is that it easy to get lost.  Diving between the needs and objectives of each separate business can be a labyrinthine task.  Before you even begin, you will need to have planned out your time.

There are various ways of working. 

Some customers might want you to schedule an entire month’s worth of content in advance.

Other’s give you a week’s worth of internal videos to share.

There is even the odd customer who likes you to find up-to-the-minute content to curate every day.  Then of course you need to make sure you are keeping your eye on any conversations happening on the pages.

Winging it is a bad idea.

Syn the digital pen holder

Of course, you may need to take good notes as well

I have this metal-art-nonsense-guitar-man-with-barrel thing on my desk.  I call him Syn.  Syn stands on my desk keeping watch over what must be my third notebook in the space of a year.  His barrel is full of different coloured pens.

Not very digital though, right?

Now I don’t think going old-school with this is necessarily everyone’s answer.  Most people are attached to their technology and have various systems set up so that they can leave themselves a few notes.  An online diary perhaps.  And that is fine, if you are taking good notes.

Your notes will work as an excellent reference when you are planning your week ahead.  You should have in depth notes on style, times to post, and other important information.  Trying to remember it all from the top of your head may cause you problems. 

It will certainly cause delays some days.

Take a break between tasks

Multiple Facebook pages means multiple tea breaks (and you should remember that)

Obviously, this isn’t a dietary blog.  There is no mother hen clucking about keeping hydrated and getting your portion of kale every day.  But wellness has to play a part.

Physically, and mentally.

Working a constant eight hour social-media-management marathon isn’t going to be good for you.  It also doesn’t give you the chance to reflect, to take a breath, or to separate yourself from the task you have just completed before starting the next.

Different customer.  Another project.  Unique tone. 

You can’t just slide in from one to the other.  Take a break, have a drink, walk away.  You will be more refreshed and ready to take on your next project.

Managing multiple Facebook PAges is important

Wrapping up

The ultimate popularity of Facebook means that, as a social media manager, you will often have to juggle multiple Facebook pages.  There is no getting away from it.

Of course, most companies are aware of the existence of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  But their first thought is most likely to be Facebook.  That’s how big the social media site is.

Similarly, anyone who is interested in search engines, their first thought will be Google.

Effectively managing a multitude of Facebook pages will probably be the most important thing you learn to do. 

If you have any questions, comments or stories to tell, then please leave a comment below.

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