Bungie’s ‘Moment of Triumph’ in Marketing

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The buttons of my Xbox One are thoroughly mashed.  In a futile attempt to kill swathes of marauding Vex and Taken, it is only really for work and food that I have left Destiny 2.  Bungie’s iconic franchise is no longer new.  In fact, you would think its moment of triumph and heyday would be well over now.

So, what is driving everyone back onto the Destiny 2 platform?

Bungie being very clever.  That’s what.

Currently, Bungie are running their annual ‘Moments of Triumph’ marketing campaign.  It is simultaneously increasing the popularity of the game, and making them a bit more money.  What’s more, people WANT to spend this money.


Because Bungie has made them feel like they’ve earnt it.

Rewards for moment of triumph

How does Bungie’s ‘Moment of Triumph’ work?

For the second year running, Bungie have created rewards for completing in-game tasks.   Certain downloadable content and an annual pass needs to be purchased before you can complete many of these tasks.  The rewards, for the most part, are in game emblems and gaming perks.

Yet, “players who complete at least 15 2019 Moments of Triumph can purchase and customize a t-shirt on the Bungie store”.  Whereas the other rewards are purely aesthetic for the in-game characters, the t-shirt is rather more tangible.  And, it represents something else entirely.

Bungie’s absolute marketing genius.

Because it draws people back to the game

Back to game

It has been almost two years since Destiny two was officially released.  Following the success of the first one, Destiny 2 was the talk of the month.  It has now sold over 50 million copies.  But in two years plenty of other games have been released.  Big games such as Metro Exodus have been released, and yet Destiny 2 is still the major talking point.

Once the challenges of the game have been overcome, often the gamer won’t go through the campaigns again.  If there is an online multiplayer or DLCs then these will give the game some longevity.  However, everyone is flocking back to the game so that they redo old missions in the campaign and DLCs.

The ‘Moments of Triumph’ campaign works to turn everyone’s attention back to the game itself.

Gamers avid dream elite

Because people feel a sense of achievement

It isn’t often that you can say that about a special offer.  Eligibility often comes cheap.  You live in the right area.  You are the right age or gender.  It isn’t often that have to strive for eligibility.

By killing thousands of alien life forms on a variety of different planets.

The challenges themselves aren’t two-minute jobs that can be done when you have a spare few minutes.  It will take hours to do.  That is, hours of battling through the solar system.  And after all the hours they have put it, gamers will want their reward.

They want their moment of triumph.

The in-game aesthetics and modifications themselves would be enough to keep many people playing.  Almost all avid gamers dream of being part of an elite.

And, in this case, being part of the elite means you get to spend some money.

It’s how Bungie plays the players.

Earning Eligibility Gamers Moment of Triumph

Think about it for a minute.  After all that hard work you unlock another achievement.  Only this time, the achievement comes at a cost.  An actual tangible cost to the player.  But after all they have been through, hours and hours of killing, dying and respawning, they believe they deserve this t-shirt.

Which they must pay for,

Literally, Bungie have asked their customers to fight for eligibility and spend hours on their game to earn the right to send Bungie more money.

But the gamers will do it.

To them, their fraught conflicts with the Vex and the Cabal were real moments of triumph.  Actual effort went into the slaying of fictitious creatures on various planets, and they have earned their eligibility.

In a very real sense, Bungie are continuing to make more money on a game they released twenty months ago.

It’s a clever strategy.

It’s like completing a degree only to have to buy your certificate and transcript.

And then in a few months being able to sell that certificate on eBay.

Eligibility is a commodity

It is still a moment of triumph for Bungie

Whether this strategy could be picked apart and ridiculed or not is irrelevant.  It is working.

People are back on Destiny 2 in their droves, plugging away at their tasks.  They all want their moment of triumph.

It is a strategy that a lot of games should consider adopting.

This sort of achievement is important to the younger generations.  In fact, they are used to digital rewards.  They have a sentimental attachment to being rewarded in such a manner, that eligibility itself has become a valuable commodity.

Big franchises can’t simply churn out games with the frequency they used to.  Games are bigger, concepts are broader, and games put a lot of effort in to gaming after the campaign.  Still, two years can be a long time for a game to remain popular.  Bungie’s ‘Moment of Triumph’ in marketing has kept them in the minds of the gamers.

If you are impressed by Bungie’s campaign, or have any comments or feedback please leave them in the comments section below.

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