Important topics your Logistics company should engage with!

Logistics important topics

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Let’s be honest. The logistics industry has kept the UK alive for much of this year.  Delivering goods to our businesses and households, we are standing because it has performed like an intravenous shot of adrenaline.  For us to sustain even the paltriest morsel of our lifestyle, we have relied heavily upon the flexibility and experience of the logistics industry.  

Although the coronapocalypse hasn’t been particularly brilliant for anyone, there have been some benefits for the Logistics industry.  One such benefit is that the world is taking them seriously now.

And rightly so. 

All supply chains have been completed due to their ability to react and show incredible foresight when everyone else’s backs were to the wall.  But now we all understand the whole COVID-19 situation that little bit better, it doesn’t mean that the logistics industry has nothing more to offer.

There are still some important topics that logistics companies should be engaging with.

Important topics and questions

So, let’s start with that whole Brexit thing!

Do you remember when the word ‘Brexit’ was invented? 

At the time it seemed like everyone and their dog was weighing in on the subject.  Months passed, and still, nobody knew what a Brexit was.  We spent a lot of time playing the world’s most embarrassingly public game of ‘Deal or no Deal’, and then other things began to occupy the media.

But Brexit hasn’t gone away.  We are months away from leaving the bloc, and yet people are still finding it difficult to prepare for. 

Brexit is chief among the important topics that the logistics industry needs to engage with. 

Logistics UK has always tried to provide transparent information whilst injecting themselves into the debate.  However, they direct their content at the logistics companies. It is down to the industries more interested players to translate this information.

There are so many brands in the UK that import to or export from the EU.  Many customers and suppliers for UK businesses exist beyond our borders. Any restrictions imposed upon our movements will be important for business’ supply chain and pricing structures.  To be able to help them fully, it is worthwhile being transparent about this hyper-political subject.

What do you know?  How will it affect them?  How can you help? 

By keeping businesses informed you will be helping them understand a complicated subject. Moreover, if they’re looking to you for help, they may start looking to you to handle their products.

New Technology

Getting all technological

One of the most important topics that have arisen from the coronapocalypse, is transparency.  People have realised that reaching into the digital age is now more important than ever. New technological developments must be taken seriously.

Well; they must at least be considered.

Sarwant Singh, points out that the “supply chain of tomorrow will be leaner, faster and most importantly, self-orchestrated.” 

Most brands, who found themselves to be very reactive when the pandemic hit, can see the appeal of a supply chain that would be easy to optimise. Can’t you? 

History tells us that when technology starts intervening and improving things for an industry, people are overcome by one of two emotions. 

Fear or amazement.

On the one hand, you will be writing to a handful of luddites who still think that Skynet will become self-aware and unleash a plethora of singular-willed cyborgs upon us.  They will rub your content down with a handful of healthy scepticism.

On the other hand, you will be writing to the innovators of industry who love to be kept abreast of changes within their industry. 

It is important that you engage them both, let them know what is on the horizon and watch their reactions.  If you can see what appeals to your potential customers, then you know what is important to implement into your own company.

Massive topic environment

The environment and other such important topics

Sustainability is key to any industry.  Not just in the environmental sense, but in the sense that whatever you implement needs to have longevity.  There is nothing worse than adopting a system that will obsolete within months.  So why would you?

With that in mind, environmental sustainability is a massive topic.  Let’s be honest, the logistics industry is one of the biggest contributors to the world’s overall carbon footprint.  Therefore, it is one of the most important topics that you should be engaging with.

If you look at the workforce now, it is predominantly filled with millennials.  And, although many make a career out of poking fun at them, they are a politically and environmentally savvy generation who make more emotional decisions than previous generations.  So, you will be appealing directly to the largest demographic in all industries when you write about the environment and what the logistics industry is doing to try and reduce their emissions to zero.

Sustainability should be taken very seriously.  It is a very current topic that will preoccupy the media for quite some time.

Wrapping up these important topics

The logistics industry is one of the few industries that can afford to be politically engaging without seeming to take a side.  Whatever is going on in the world could potentially affect the way a business is conducted and right at the heart of that is your supply chain.

It makes sense that your logistics company is keeping an eye on the world’s most important topics and analysing them for your customers.

Engage in these topics for your customers.  Use them to display how you will guide your customers through the trickiest of times.  Show an interest in how the world works for your clients.

If you would like to join in the conversation, then please comment below.

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