Are you converting your live chat to leads?

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Fewer people pick up the phone these days.  That isn’t some commentary on an encroaching Dystopian society where people can’t connect to each other.  It’s about time.  It’s about choice.  Too little of the former, far too much of the latter.  Anyway who would want to pick up the phone when there is a live chat on the website?

For the busy visitor it might be the difference between making an enquiry and just bouncing to the next company.  Because there is always another company.  There isn’t always another five minutes in the day.  Therefore, companies with a live chat do have a distinct advantage.  But then, how are they using them?

If there are a lot of frequent visitors to the website, and many use the live chat do we class them as leads? 

Arguably not.  At least not until they have given you an email address, or some identifying data that will enable you to be able to follow up.  If you can’t contact them then they have no more worth as a lead than a kid prank calling your office. 

So how do you convert your live chat visitors into leads?

Live chat prompt

Well…let start with your live chat message prompt

Live chat software doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to be expensive.  Some live chats sit waiting patiently in the bottom corner of the screen saying something simple like “Leave us a Message”.  Others jump up from the from the corner with a picture of an operative that’s “waiting to chat”.

With some live chats, like Chatra, the chat can have a different prompt depending upon the page that the visitor is viewing. 

Landing on a page and being able to immediately discuss relevant content pertaining to your search is a powerful simplicity.

When setting up your page prompts for your live chat, make sure your initiating message is a question about their needs.  Tailor your prompt to match the content of the page.  This should give you a good chance of matching the visitors search.

Initiating a conversation with your visitor increases your chances of converting them to a lead quite significantly.

Chatting and comparing

Offer them a downloadable guide on your message

Often a live chat is part of the customers research.  They are chatting with you to get a feel for your brand, but also to compare it to other brands.  It would be all too easy just to answer your visitor’s questions and then let them go away to decide whether or not your service is for them.

That can be a risky manoeuvre.

If you have downloadable material that is relevant to the visitor’s search, then this is the perfect time to try and get their email address.  By applying a gate to your downloadable materials, you can capture that important data to be able to contact them later.

Simply provide them with a relevant link.

SEO Google Bing and Yahoo

Your live chat is excellent for SEO

To generate and convert more leads, you need to get traffic coming to your website.   Obviously, one of the better ways to ensure people are coming to your website is to rank higher in search results.  Please the gods of Google, Bing and Yahoo, and thou shalt have a plentiful traffic bounty.

And your live chat can help you with that.

One of the factors that the search gods consider when ranking your pages is the dwell time.  So, if you have kept them chewing the fat about your products on their page then it will begin to improve your rankings.

Although this doesn’t immediately guarantee the visitors to your site are going to convert into leads, it certainly improves the chances by bringing that extra traffic.

PUssyfooting live chat leads

If you want their email…just ask for it!

Sometimes the direct approach is better than an expert demonstration in pussyfooting.

If they are asking questions and are showing you some interest, it might not be too early in the relationship to ask for their email.  Especially when you promise some more information on the subject.

There might be a blog that is on your website, or you may have further recommendations.  All of this can be sent via email.  They are most likely to give you their email address if you ask politely and give them a decent reason for emailing them.

Find your leads on Linkedin

And if not their email, get their name and company!

It’s understandable after the implementation of GDPR why some people would consider an email address to be a fragile thing.  It’s like handling someone else’s expensive crystal decanter.  You don’t want to touch it.  When you do touch it, it always with a few frozen beads of sweat trailing down your back.

However, there are other ways to make a lead out of them when you are talking on live chat.

If you had their name and company details, for instance, you could always find them on LinkedIn.  You can join in social media discussions with them and thereby build up a nice warm and fluffy relationship. 

By approaching them on social media you are entering their inner sanctum.  If they want something or are involved in an interesting conversation, then you will be there to give them advice.

Wrapping up

Having a conversation with a potential lead gives you the opportunity to talk through any potential issues.  Moreover, this gives you the opportunity to remove any obstacles that might stop your visitor from converting.

They could be worried about a specific part of your service.

There could be some confusion over how quick you can deliver.

This would be the best time to allay those fears and have your visitors consider your business a little longer.

As always if there is anything you would like to share then please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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