Just so you know – landing pages are important!

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If you received a beautifully-designed email that immediately caught your attention, appeared to offer a solution to a problem and which addressed you thoughtfully by your name, would you click the button that says “Find out more”?

Of course you would.

Now, a second question.

If, having clicked that enticing button, you ended up on the homepage of the website in question without any context around the original offer, what would you do?

You’d get frustrated and probably leave. Wouldn’t you?

Landing pages are important if you want to conduct any form of marketing. Here’s why.

Soulless landing page storyThey keep the story going

If you’d have landed on a landing page that reaffirmed the offer, provided more details and the option to complete a purchase, there’s a high chance you will have done so.

Marketing is all about telling stories. If your email campaign gets the tale off to a brilliant start, the lack of a specific landing page will ruin it.

They’ll fine-tune your local SEO

Offering local content on your website is increasingly important if you want to rank highly on Google.

The search giant pays close attention to a website’s local SEO efforts (the process of tuning a page so that it fits a specific geographical area). Landing pages are often localised based on the offer in question.

Even if you’re not a bricks-and-mortar retailer, there’s a lot to be said for segmenting your email marketing database by region. Begin by creating separate landing pages for each one with content that speaks directly to the people based there.

This isn’t wasted effort. Those landing pages will stand a far better chance of being indexed highly by Google, thus putting your campaign in front of an audience that extends well beyond your email lists.

bland landing pages straight to the pointThey’ll improve your lead capture capabilities

The best landing pages don’t mess about. They get straight to the point and offer an easy way for people to either buy, register their interest or download something.

Coupled with a simple form for email address entry (plus anything else you genuinely need to deliver the goods), landing pages will improve your lead capture game considerably.  Because people will opt into your communications, you’ll start to build a very nice, GDPR-compliant email marketing list.

They provide content for other forms of marketing

It should go without saying that landing pages aren’t just for email marketing.  They’re brilliant tools for social media, pay-per-click and even traditional campaigns.

Therefore, if you create a landing page for your email marketing campaign, it will actually have many more uses. This will extend its life and any subsequent benefits it will offer the business.

Forgotten soulless Landing Pages Wrapping up

Landing pages are often ‘forgotten’, but it’s impossible to overstate their importance.

The time you’ll spend creating a landing page  will reap its rewards once those campaigns start leaving the door. Once built, they’ll be self-sufficient and capable of drawing in more business than you ever could alone.

Please join in the conversation by commenting below and letting us know what you think about the importance of landing pages.

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