How to keep your marketing career alive while furloughed

Marketing career when furloughed

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If you work in marketing and have found yourself furloughed due to the coronavirus, you may be feeling understandably concerned.

Once you’ve completed Minecraft, watched every COVID-19 parody video you can find and given up learning to play the guitar… what next?

Not knowing when you’ll return to work will leave you feeling in limbo. But it doesn’t have to be like this. In fact, with more time on your hands, you can invest it in continuing to learn your craft.

Here are five brilliant ways to keep developing your marketing career while on furlough.

1. Stay updated via the big boys

Obviously, your first port of call for marketing tips, tricks and trends is this blog, but don’t forget about the big boys of the industry, too.

There are four websites to keep an eye on while you’re twiddling your thumbs:

Sign up to their newsletters, or simply make the websites above the first things you browse each morning.

Smartphone and conversation virtual

2. Keep (or start) networking

If you’re an avid networker and regularly head to local meetups, there’s no reason COVID-19 should put an end to that. Equally, if you’ve never networked before and think it’s a bit weird and masons-like, remote networking will probably prove it is anything but.

LinkedIn is the obvious starting place but have a look for Twitter hashtag events for your geographical area and sniff out vibrant Facebook groups.

All you need is your smartphone, a bit of time and a desire to spark up virtual conversations with people who may become very useful contacts once everything gets back to normal.

3. Work on personal projects

If there’s one thing that marketers benefit from, it’s the ability to work on personal projects that benefit the day job.

I bet you’ve got several personal projects you’ve wanted to start on, but which you simply haven’t had time for.

It might be a personal blog, podcast or video series for YouTube. Whatever it is, start it – now. When you go back to work, the stuff you learn now will be invaluable and help your career development considerably.

4. Get up to speed with the lingo

Granted, a lot of marketing lingo is irritating, but some of it (in particular, the raft of acronyms that continually fly around) are vitally important if you want to make the most of your career and identify new skills to explore.

When reading through the content produced by the websites we recommended in tip one, highlight any acronyms or terms that aren’t familiar. Then, research them – get to know them like the back of your hand.

Google Analytics and Friends

5. Play with Google Analytics

I love Google Analytics. And yes, I have friends.

The reason I love it is because I’ve spent time learning Google’s website reporting tool. As a result, it benefits every element of my marketing career – and it could do the same for you.

However, I bet you’ve logged into Google Analytics on more than one occasion only to wonder where on earth to start and why you don’t understand what the multitude of options on the left-hand side are for.

Well, now you have time in abundance; throw it into learning Google Analytics. There isn’t a marketing job I can think of that doesn’t benefit from a solid understanding of this vital tool.

Wrapping up

You’re not bored.

There’s far too much to do while on furlough if you work in marketing.

Use my tips above to remain legally furloughed but still in control of your career development. It’ll be time very well spent indeed.

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