Anyone can use digital marketing to grow their businessI have often been accused of gross optimism.  Especially when I make wildly motivational statements; such as: “anyone can use digital marketing to grow their business”.

You see, it’s believed that most people are exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads each day. Although, if you’ve scrolled through your Facebook feed today, you’ll probably feel like you’ve already topped that figure.

There’s a good reason for this.  Advertising remains the most effective way to draw in potential new business and increase brand recognition. We can get all fluffy about content marketing, but it doesn’t offer quick-wins businesses need.

There’s a bit of a misnomer about digital marketing. People will tell you that you simply can’t do it alone. There’s far too many advertising channels, forms of content and audience personas to make it an in-house job.

Those people are usually marketing consultants.

But, the good eggs among them will point out a fair few things anyone can do internally with next to no digital marketing experience.

Here’s our faves.


Landing page muddySet up separate landing pages for your campaigns

For any seasoned digital marketer, this is lesson 101. For those who don’t spend their days buried knee-deep in WordPress or scouring endless engagement reports, the humble landing page is usually quite a revelation.

If you’re already running some digital marketing campaigns through mediums such as social media and Google Ads, which pages on your website are you directing people towards?

If it’s the homepage or a generic product page, you’re missing out on a huge number of enquiries or sales.

Digital marketing is all about telling a story (just like marketing tactics of old, in fact). If your story starts with a Facebook ad or listing within Google search results but ends up muddying itself by the time people reach your website, you’re wasting significant amounts of time.

Point them towards a custom landing page that continues the story and provides a clear way to enquire or make a purchase. You’ll see far more positive results from your digital marketing efforts.


Chelsea Digital MarketingMake friends with influencer marketing

Here’s another digital marketing misnomer! You need to be a digital marketing whizz and very well connected in order to even think about getting involved in influencer marketing.

Not true! Not every influencer has appeared on The Only Way is Chelsea (or whatever it’s called).  In fact, you probably haven’t heard of most influencers.

Take Thomas Heaton, for instance… does that name ring a bell? Unless you’re a photography nerd like me, probably not. However, Mr Heaton is a fantastic option for any photographic business that wants to increase their influence on social and make their brand more recognisable.

The point here is satisfyingly simple!

No matter which industry you work in or the type of audience you’re addressing, there will be people among that audience who have enough clout on social platforms and within the industry in general to help you make a name for your business.

But what about the other form of influencer marketing?


Online reviews purchaseEmbrace customer reviews

That’s right; your customers can become influencers, too!

Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers will read reviews of local businesses online before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

I used to work in the hospitality industry, and most of the business owners in that sector were scared to death of review sites like TripAdvisor. I could never understand why. Sure, you get the odd bad review here and there, but if you’re a well-run hotel or restaurant, those serial complainers are likely to stick out like a sore thumb among the thousands of positives reviews. And by that, I mean very few prospective customers will be deterred.

The same goes for any industry, and with Google’s review platform playing a significant role during the customer acquisition process, now is the time to embrace customer feedback, no matter how scary that might be.

Whenever you can, encourage customers to leave reviews of your business on Google and social media platforms like Facebook. Respond to as many as you can, too – particularly the poor ones – and stand tall, proud and humble with your responses.

Of all the tips in this list, embracing customer reviews is undoubtedly the hardest to master. Once you do, it’s like a domino effect; those past customers will become some of your best influencers and help drive your digital marketing strategy.


Give video marketing a go (even if it’s just with your smartphone)

We all have powerful video cameras in our pockets that happen to double as telephones. So, if you’re that ‘unlucky’ sales director who’s had the marketing strategy dumped on their desk, why not put that lens to good use?

Time to bust another digital marketing myth!

You don’t need to spend a fortune on video to make it worthwhile.

Sure, a glossy product video might look great, but it might not be as powerful or engaging as one you shoot and edit yourself.

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of your factory, for instance. Or, a five minute interview with a member of the development team; people love to peek behind the curtain of businesses, and your processes and people could become the unlikely stars of your next digital marketing campaign.

The great thing with video marketing is that anyone can give it a go (add a YouTube account to that smartphone and you have all the resources you need). Experiment, have fun and start distributing some video content about your business. Although you won’t see immediate sales as a result, you will start to make a name for yourself (just make sure it’s a good one!).


Wrapping up

Still think digital marketing is beyond your remit? Thought not.

I’ve only scratched the surface above, but firmly believe the techniques and ideas I’ll have left you with today will help you save thousands you might otherwise spend on expensive external help.

There’s nothing wrong with homemade digital marketing. Give it a go!


Mark Ellis specialises in copywriting, blogging, content marketing and videography (hey, they couldn’t all end in ‘ing’). Mark’s considerable experience in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes find a voice and draw in big, engaged audiences has filled his head with thoughts on how you can place a rocket-propelled grenade beneath your marketing strategy. And he’d like to share them.