The Best 5 CRO Techniques for Your Marketing Strategy

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There is no such thing as the perfect strategy.  It is important to hone your CRO techniques because conversion rate optimisation is never finished.  As trends and desires change with your customers, so should your marketing strategy.

Let’s be fair.  There has never been a consistent 100% conversion rate.  Even if your first couple of visitors do convert, sooner or later the bounces will start to happen.  This isn’t just a cynical opinion. It’s a fact.  And, you needn’t be disconcerted when it does start to happen.  It just means you have to spend some time analysing your marketing campaigns.

Here are the top 5 things to look for when optimising your conversion rates.

Marketing Strategy deviates

1. Don’t give off mixed messages

It should make sense that your ads and landing pages give off the same message.  Your leads will have clicked your social post or your PPC ads for a reason.  Is the page they are diverted to a continuation of that reason?  If not, they are more likely to bounce and visit a competitor’s website.

This practice is called message match.  And, it is a vital CRO technique.

It isn’t just the product and the offer that should match.  Your tone must be consistent.  Your email marketing also should reflect the same voice and message.  If your marketing strategy deviates at all, your leads might just find themselves wholly unconvinced.

Trust is an important part of any marketing campaign.

Speed is important

2. A need for speed

The problem with having a digital marketing strategy in a world driven by millennials, is the lack of patience we have become accustomed to.  Supposedly, your website has an 8-second attention span to beat.

We have been living so completely online the last ten years that we have become used to an express digital highway that delivers information at the speed of a blink.  In the grand scheme of things, a couple of seconds is no time at all.  But if your page takes up to three seconds to load, then the chance of your leads bouncing away from the page increases by over 30%.

It takes three seconds for your marketing strategy to become a third less effective.

So, despite what you might have been told in other aspects of your life, speed is important.  Making sure your website runs swiftly is a critical CRO technique.

3. Lead capture forms

If you are gating your content, or you are asking people to join a mailing list, then it stands to reason that you have a lead capture form.  And as much as these are a necessity, they are also very easy to get wrong.  Analysing the effectiveness of these forms is an important addition to your CRO to-do list.

Since GDPR changed the game for all EU countries, customer data has become a currency.  We covet the digital data of all of our leads as much as we covet their custom.  With that in mind, we cannot afford to be frivolous with the data we are asking for.

One of the CRO techniques we should adopt is simply to check that the data we are asking for is fair and worthwhile.  The content you are gating behind a ten-question form needs to prove pretty useful if you want to gather all that data. 

If people are getting as far as your landing page and not converting, it might just be the form that needs optimising.

Live Chat Optimisation

4. Optimise your live chat

Have you implemented a live chat as part of your marketing strategy?  If not, then you are losing the opportunity to prevent your leads bouncing from your website.

Software such as Chatra enables you to put a human face on every web page asking to help.  However, like we mentioned in point one, your questions need to emulate the tone and voice of your brand.  If the questions your live chat asked, aren’t relevant to the page that they are appearing on, your leads are unlikely to use it.

Add your live chat to your list of CRO techniques.  It will give you the chance to clear up any confusions with your leads before they leave.

CRO techniques we take time deciding

5. The simplest CRO technique – just ask

If you want an honest user opinion on how your marketing strategy is faring, then simply ask.  If there is a reason why your leads aren’t converting, then they are best poised to tell you why.

This can be done by phone call.  However, if you are of a shy disposition then you could use something as simple as survey monkey

Wrapping up

Let’s be honest with ourselves.  If we had a choice between doing CRO and sliding down a razorblade into a swimming pool of TCP, we might actually have some thinking to do.  We know we have to do it, but it isn’t the most glamourous marketing job in the world.

However, if can be broken into bitesize chunks.  Optimising in small doses will mean that your marketing strategy is continually optimised.

What steps do you take to optimise your own campaigns?  Please leave comments for any other readers to help.

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