How does content accelerate lead generation

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We’re forever told that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, but we’d like to add another one into the mix: content.  Can you live without content? Yes. Does content have a financial impact on you personally? Doubtful. Is it absolutely vital though, just to accelerate lead generation?

Yes; of this we are absolutely certain.

Content remains king, no matter your industry or how large, small or ‘mid-sized’ your business is. In order to draw in a relevant, highly-engaged audience that may one day turn into lots of juicy customers, you need content.

But how does it accelerate lead generation?

We think there are four types of content in which you’ll need to invest time and money in order to keep a healthy number of leads arriving in your inbox every day.


Blog Strategy ContentBlogs and useful content

We know – you set up a blog for your business website several months ago with the best possible intentions, but you simply don’t have the time to spend writing content for it.

That’s understandable, but it also means you’re missing a huge opportunity. Blog posts are unlikely to generate leads for you directly. They should be the foundation of your entire content marketing strategy.  They will help accelerate lead generation.

Blog posts give your brand a voice and perform a vital role in search engine optimisation (SEO). If you’re giving them short-shrift at the moment, now might be the time to bite the bullet and get writing (or start asking someone else to do so for you).


Gating ContenteBooks

Does anyone read eBooks? From cover-to-cover, probably not, but they remain a brilliant tool to accelerate lead generation.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, you can fill an eBook with very useful information in a format that can be easily scanned by readers for the most relevant stuff. Secondly, they can be placed behind a digital ‘gate’.

By gating content, you can ethically obtain the contact details of people who take an active interest in the subject matter. And, as soon as you have an email address, you have the opportunity to start building what may one day turn into a very profitable relationship.


Landing pages accelerate lead generation

You can’t have an eBook without a landing page, therefore this form of content deserves a place on this list.

In order to accelerate lead generation, you need to present people with the most relevant information – quickly. Landing pages excel at this. They strip out all of the unnecessary fluff and dive straight into the benefits of whatever it is you’re offering people.

They also have clear calls-to-action which prompt people to hand over their data or – even better – make a purchase.

In fact, when it comes to lead generation, landing pages should perform consistently better than most other pages on your website – including the ’contact us’ page.


Email Marketing CustomersAutomated emails

Email marketing sits at the heart of marketing automation – a term which has grown in prominence over the last couple of years and which relies solely on quality, relevant content to be successful.

Email newsletters aren’t old hat, either. And if you have an eBook to promote (see point 2), email remains one of the best ways to direct people towards it.

Most importantly, modern email marketing can be used to gently build a bond with potential customers, and in an age where hard sales tactics are increasingly irrelevant, that bond will become one of the most important sales tools you’ll have at your disposal.


Wrapping up

Putting your brand in front of potential customers at just the right time is becoming increasingly challenging in the digital age.

With a concerted content marketing effort, you can do just that – providing you start viewing content as a key member of your sales team.

It’s one of the most important allies they have.

Please feel free to add to the conversation by commenting below.  How important do you think content is to lead generation?

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