British Food Fortnight Marketing Recipe

British Food Fortnight tells you everything you need to know about the British.  We are like Hobbits.  We love our food.  And, we absolutely know about second breakfast.  For those in the hospitality and catering industry, a fortnight celebrating our culinary obsessions must be a welcome idea.

Various places over the country will be holding their own events between 21st September and 16th October.  But the fortnight doesn’t belong only to a specific set of companies.  It is something you can all join in with.  Especially if you are in the hospitality industry.

National events are often a good way of drawing everyone’s attention to your business.  You can create various saliva-baiting campaigns to share through your marketing channels.  Here, we have put together some ideas that will fill your bookings throughout British Food Fortnight.

Food nostalgia

Food Nostalgia and Digital Marketing

One of the reasons we love food so much, is that often it can be linked to memory.  Certain dishes send me spinning back in time to past relationships, family moments, my childhood home or old holidays.  Paella is a killer one for doing that. 

It’s a phenomenon that Olivia Collins discusses in her article Food Nostalgia – The Memories Made from Food.  The premise is simple.  We respond and react emotively to food and memory. 

We know how powerful memory can be in marketing.

British Food Fortnight is a great way of capitalising upon nostalgia.  By doing so, you are making a beeline straight for the psyche of your prospects.  And that is the exact place you want to be.

Food Nostalgia

So, how about a menu like ‘Mum’ used to make?

Bring back the charm of youth during British Food Fortnight.  By alluding to, and attempting to recreate, the youth of your target audience you will be appealing to the nostalgic romantic in them.  By celebrating British Food Fortnight, you are also celebrating their childhood.

You will be celebrating the times when families used to sit around the table and eat together. 

Both social media and email marketing are great channels in which to launch this reminiscing campaign.  By reaching out to already engaged customers through email marketing, you might even create yourself some early bookings.

British FOod Fortnight Passion

It’s a good way to get some user generated content!

Do you want to cause a stir?  Go onto Facebook and ask whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza.  Every single foodie will have an opinion on that.  Create a poll on what a bread roll is called.  You will have people squabbling over the fact it is a bap, a bun, a bread cake, or a cob before you know it.  People are generally quite passionate about food.

In fact, it has been known to cause people to stop talking to each other.

The suggestion here, however, is not to cause world war three over your Lancashire Hotpot.  What social media can do is create conversation in which you are directly talking to your prospects.  Ask a simple question about what the “important ingredients” are to a Sunday Roast, and you will find people more than happy to contribute to the conversation.

User-generated content such as this, improves your reach.  The more people that comment on your posts, or offer an opinion, the more it reaches people who are perhaps not on your radar.

Taste the picture

Think of how British Food Fortnight will look on Instagram

It is probably the biggest cliché in the world now.  You know that time when some amateur wag says something like: “are you even having a meal if you don’t share it on Instagram”.  You probably chuckled the first time you heard that, right? 

Now it’s just a little bit passé.

So, to suggest sharing images of the delicious meals you create during British Food Fortnight isn’t an attempt to dredge up some eye-rolling stereotype.  But to remind you, that in fact, sharing food whets the appetites of your audience. 

How many times have you heard a television chef allude to the fact that presentation is as important as the taste?  If you haven’t, then well done for avoiding cookery shows.  But it is true.  There is no better advert for your hotel or restaurant than a picture that your audience can practically taste.

British Usual Suspects

And you know everyone likes a good competition

The good thing about British food is that it isn’t difficult to recreate.  Often, prep time isn’t too long either.  If you ask people what meals they think are typically British, you get a list of the usual suspects:

  • Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
  • Full English/Scottish Breakfast
  • Scones
  • Toad in the hole
  • Pork Pie
  • Bubble and Squeak

The list isn’t necessarily exhaustive, but you can see how easy these dishes are to make.  For some excellent user-generated content during British Food Fortnight, give away a discount for the best-looking British dish. 

A competition like this would be very effective over Facebook and Instagram.  You can even get them to tag it in a hashtag of your own making.

Wrapping up

Make use of British Food Fortnight.  Every year it gains popularity.  It also makes a nice break from the inevitable Black Friday, Christmas and Halloween campaigns that are already started to creep onto the internet and into our inboxes.

If there is anything you would like to add to the conversation, please leave a comment below.


Due to his MA in English, Adam has taken roost in our very own dictionary corner. His articles are a mixture of brow-furrowing research and the experience he has gained with us here at LeadMetrics.