Give parents hope with your back to school campaigns

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But, wait – we’ve only just started the school holidays, we hear your kids cry. And that might be true, but when it comes to business (they’ve got it coming, let’s be honest), there’s no better time to start planning back to school campaigns.

If this all sounds a bit too ‘USA’ for you, it’s worth taking into account that back to school is now the third largest shopping event in the UK.

See? That piqued your interest, didn’t it?

If you work in retail (be it bricks-and-mortar or online), a back to school campaign could provide you with a nice order boost during a time of the year that might typically be rather flat.

Here’s how to conduct a brilliant back to school campaign.

Look back at historical data

Pick the right products

There’s a reason Apple bundles in a pair of Beats headphones with every education-based MacBook purchase; kids want them and they’re immeasurably cool if you’re 14 and care more about how a pair of cans look around your neck than what they actually sound like.

Your back to school campaigns need to be driven by precisely the right products.

Sometimes, this will be obvious, but it usually pays to look back at your historical data and see which products were the most popular when kids were returning to school.

Look at your market, too. Google Trends will help you find common searches in your niche and pinpoint the stuff parents are most interested in for their little ones.

Stock image no imagination

Use imagery to show the value

How do your back to school products fit into the lives of kids?

If it’s a laptop, use imagery of it in situ on the school desk or lecture theatre. Your colourful line of bullet journals will look far more appealing if they’re adorned with stickers and placed on top of some well-thumbed study books.

Using stock images of your products is a sure-fire way to capture zero imagination from your audience. They need to be inspired to buy stuff related to school, so invest a little in photography that puts your wares in the best possible light. Authenticity is key in your back to school campaigns.

use of hashtags

Link products to trends

The best back to school campaigns are linked to current trends kids are interested in.

For instance, when Pokemon Go was enjoying its height of popularity, countless retailers jumped on the bandwagon and created products directly linked to the phenomenon.

Clearly, you have to be a little careful with copyrights here, but even clever use of trending hashtags to promote your back to school products can land your store in the social media feeds of people who are most likely to buy.

Can you think of a way to link your school products to the #BottleCapChallenge? If so, go for it!

Back to school campaign UGC

Get kids involved with your back to school campaigns

Modern marketing is all about user-generated content, and back to school campaigns are great excuses to get your customers involved in your promotional activity.

This could be something as simple as a social media campaign that asks kids what they want to buy for the forthcoming school year, or something more elaborate.

For instance, if, during your research about last year’s hottest back to school products, you find that one item in particular flew off the shelves, why not approach some of the customers to see if they’d record their own mini video review? You’d be surprised by how many respond.

Wrapping up

Hopefully we’ve got you excited about your back to school campaign, and while we’ve only skimmed the surface today, you should have plenty of little ideas starting to bubble away.

If you have any ideas for great back to school campaigns, or would like to pick up on a point already made then please comment below. It might just help someone who is really looking for ideas.

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