Feeling your pain: how empathy can improve your marketing!

Empathy Marketing

Remember the last time you received promotional material from a company or brand which really seemed to catch you at just the right moment? They more than likely put a smile on your face. They may even have placed a lump in your throat. Their marketing material might as well have been saying “we know […]

Post-apocalyptic marketing: what will 2021 hold for us?

Forgive me, but it really is hard to start (or finish) any blog post at the moment without writing any of the following interminable phrases: “wow, what a year it’s been” “when things do return to some form of normality…” “things really have changed forever” I hate them as much as you do, but they […]

The future of video: The trouble with Byte and TikTok

Video Byte TikTok

 We live in a funny world as far as video is concerned these days. On a recent dog walk, I strolled past a couple of kids in their late teens dancing in front of an iPhone standing atop a tripod. I can’t be sure, but I think they were performing a routine for TikTok. How […]

Men’s Health Week: how marketing to men has changed

men's health week marketing to men marketing

Contrary to popular belief, men don’t just think about sex and tanks. Ahem. Sorry, what was that? Anyway, as I was saying, men often get a bad rap when it comes to stereotypes. But, then, that’s true of virtually everyone on the planet. We can all be pigeonholed, misrepresented and misunderstood. In marketing, that can […]

Why Mental Health Awareness Week should be on every marketer’s radar

Mental Health Marketing

Research by Bupa suggests that mental health is now a boardroom priority for 63% of businesses. Of those survey, 28% revealed that mental health is now a bigger problem among their teams than physical illnesses. Despite this, there has long been an inexcusable stigma surrounding mental health. Not just at work but across the wider […]

Why Nickelback is still more successful than your blog

Why Nickelback are still more successful than your blog

Poor Nickelback. Formed in 1995, they’re a Canadian rock band who are regularly the butt of – admittedly funny – jokes. Which concert has a ticket price of just 45 cents? 50 Cent feat. Nickelback. You’re welcome. There’s shed loads more here. But, when your lovingly crafted blog doesn’t perform well, that ain’t quite so […]

How to keep your marketing career alive while furloughed

Marketing career when furloughed

If you work in marketing and have found yourself furloughed due to the coronavirus, you may be feeling understandably concerned. Once you’ve completed Minecraft, watched every COVID-19 parody video you can find and given up learning to play the guitar… what next? Not knowing when you’ll return to work will leave you feeling in limbo. […]

Diagnosing the future: what COVID-19 has changed for good in marketing

I won’t start this marketing blog post with any statistics relating to coronavirus (COVID-19). You’ve probably heard more than enough about the number of infections, tragic deaths and economic rescue packages. You have probably even found yourself sick of hearing how much things have changed for good. It’s all a bit much, isn’t it? We’re […]

Why professional writers are a bloody good idea for start-ups

Professional Writers start-ups

Right! You can write, right? After all, we all do it pretty much every day. Emails, text messages, company updates; writing is something we’ve all done for most of our lives. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make you a good writer. More importantly, it doesn’t make you a writer who is capable of making your business sell […]