Marketing your business on the roadmap to freedom

Roadmap to freedom

How many of you were cheering when Boris laid out his escape-from-lockdown roadmap?  Freedom is on its way, the first sign that things are returning to normal.  Whatever normal will be from now on of course. For all those businesses that have had to wait for things to lift, we couldn’t be happier for you.  […]

It’s time to talk about inclusive marketing!

Inclusive Marketing

If there is something marketing has always been good at, it’s tapping into the zeitgeist of its age. Marketing has always been effective for the contemporary generation. Each generation has new tools and a different agenda. So, it should be no great surprise that, here in the 21st Century, inclusive marketing has become a relevant discussion.

Important topics your Logistics company should engage with!

Logistics important topics

Let’s be honest. The logistics industry has kept the UK alive for much of this year.  Delivering goods to our businesses and households, we are standing because it has performed like an intravenous shot of adrenaline.  For us to sustain even the paltriest morsel of our lifestyle, we have relied heavily upon the flexibility and […]

What do musicians know about social media marketing?

Musicians are one of the industries that are currently having a rough ride, thanks to the coronapocalypse.   In fact, the arts are so badly hit thanks to the leisure industry closing down, that the government are taking it upon themselves to try and put all artists to work in other areas.  The dystopia-loving-cynic in me […]

Are you marketing for a Covid-19 Christmas?

COvid CHristmas

Oh 2020, what an absolute nightmare you’ve been.  You almost started off with a third world war, you burnt half of Australia, and then locked us all at home whilst a virus rampaged around the world.  It would be nice to think that it will all be over before Christmas.  But we cannot guarantee it. […]

How to create a bidding strategy for all your ads

BIdding Strategy

Getting found via Google Ads is all about amazing creative, great content, and a bit of blind luck, right? So your bidding strategy needs to be about readable prose and some rocking storytelling. Wrong. Sorry. That’s a massive part of it (although don’t count too heavily on the luck element), but at its heart, Google […]

What do you need to consider for your back-to-school marketing?

Back to School Marketing

Can September hurry up and get here please?  Signed, lovingly, all working parents.  Yes, we love our little darlings, and our rush to get them back to school is only because we deeply care about their education. Honest. It has nothing to do with them moping around the house, messing up everything you have just […]

Telling stories for people who need your logistics company

Telling STories for Logistics COmpanies

Storytelling is more than just a marketing campaign.  It was what weaves itself through our talk in the pubs and the restaurants.  It’s what we do when we visit friends and family after a short time.  In fact, most of us are like travelling bards.  We travel through life telling stories.  And you know what?  […]

So… Facebook Shops. What’s that, then? A guide for SMEs

Facebook Shops

Most of us have bought furniture from a stranger on Facebook. No? Just me, then. In May, Facebook upped its eCommerce game considerably by launching the imaginatively titled ‘Shops’ platform, thus enabling businesses to sell their products directly on Facebook and Instagram. Whether or not Shops is a direct, fast response to COVID-19 and the […]

The delicious ongoing evolution of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Evolution

I remember a time when LinkedIn was new.  Bear in mind, I came from a generation of kids that thought Myspace was the best thing invented.  Back in 2002, there were conversations condemning its future. “It’ll never catch on.” “Nobody wants a professional social media platform.” Did you ever catch yourself saying something like this […]