What do you need to consider for your back-to-school marketing?

Back to School Marketing

Can September hurry up and get here please?  Signed, lovingly, all working parents.  Yes, we love our little darlings, and our rush to get them back to school is only because we deeply care about their education. Honest. It has nothing to do with them moping around the house, messing up everything you have just […]

Telling stories for people who need your logistics company

Telling STories for Logistics COmpanies

Storytelling is more than just a marketing campaign.  It was what weaves itself through our talk in the pubs and the restaurants.  It’s what we do when we visit friends and family after a short time.  In fact, most of us are like travelling bards.  We travel through life telling stories.  And you know what?  […]

So… Facebook Shops. What’s that, then? A guide for SMEs

Facebook Shops

Most of us have bought furniture from a stranger on Facebook. No? Just me, then. In May, Facebook upped its eCommerce game considerably by launching the imaginatively titled ‘Shops’ platform, thus enabling businesses to sell their products directly on Facebook and Instagram. Whether or not Shops is a direct, fast response to COVID-19 and the […]

The delicious ongoing evolution of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Evolution

I remember a time when LinkedIn was new.  Bear in mind, I came from a generation of kids that thought Myspace was the best thing invented.  Back in 2002, there were conversations condemning its future. “It’ll never catch on.” “Nobody wants a professional social media platform.” Did you ever catch yourself saying something like this […]

How to keep networking in lockdown

How to keep networking in lockdown

We are all starting to get used to this now, aren’t we?  The lengthy commute from our bedrooms to makeshift offices in our dining rooms.  Our personal selection of speciality coffees and teas are immediately to hand.  Being home at “a reasonable time”.  There are some perks to this lockdown, after all.  Even if we […]

How do you become a powerful niche marketer?

How to become a powerful niche marketer

There are a lot of brilliant marketers out there.  You have probably come across many of these enviable geniuses in your social networks.  You know the ones that seem to churn fantastic content regardless of what industry they are writing for.  There are some marketers that don’t like being restricted to becoming a single niche […]

Survival advice for marketers in isolation

Survival advice for marketers in isolation

These are insane times, aren’t they?  Marketers spend most of their lives looking for ways to connect people together.  We’re either trying to connect people to brands or offering them important personal services.  Either way, one thing we cannot deny is that marketing just cannot exist without people.  And now we are all being systematically […]

What does COVID-19 mean for marketers?


How dense would the rock you are living under have to be, for you to have not heard of COVID-19 or coronavirus?  It isn’t just a virus hijacking global respiratory systems.  It’s a virus that is running rampant through all media channels.  Of course, that includes social media. Currently the topic itself is a Facebook […]

Important Things Nobody tells you About Social Media

You’d think we would know everything about social media by now, wouldn’t you?  I mean, you cannot move for digital marketing blogs on the subject.  There’s advice for every industry about every channel possible.  Yet, it still feels that there is a lot that nobody tells you about social media. Not every social media manager […]

How to juggle multiple Facebook pages

Social media managers lift your weary heads, I have a question.  How many of you out there are juggling multiple Facebook pages?  And, let’s be honest, how many of you are about ready to throw your laptop through the window? When you started managing Facebook pages for your clients, did you realise how time consuming […]