Why won’t anyone download my free guides?

In fact, I bet you’ve done that several times. Naughty. Only, is it? Really? These guides, eBooks and reports are there for one reason: to grab our email addresses for marketing purposes. The people who create them are under no illusion that the vast majority of downloads rarely go much further than lying dormant on […]

Will Chrome’s changes to ad blocking impact YouTube?

ou know, YouTube; that brilliant source of video content that is forever throwing ads in your face. So, what are they going to do about that, then? As great as their desire to ban crap ads might sound, surely this will impact their own service and, therefore, revenue? As you’d expect, all is not what […]

TikTok is for kids, right? A short guide for businesses

TikTok’s another video platform, right? Yep. Sorry. If you haven’t heard of TikTok, you’ll find the stats for the fastest growing video social network astonishing. In February last year, it exceeded one billion installs and the company that owns it, Bytedance, has now beat Uber to become the world’s most valuable start-up. But… what is […]