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May 9
Social Media Campaigns Summer

It's almost time to create summer social media campaigns. Although, looking out the window you wouldn't know it. You know they say about British Springtime.  If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour.  As these words are appearing bullets of rain hit the windows.  An endless iron wool serape stretches between all horizons.  Is anyone else craving the summer months right about now? 

But, it’s hard to get fully motivated when you are looking out a rain-flooding car park. 

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Aug 16
Key resources to improve your writing

In marketing, there are few pursuits as creative as writing.  OK, it isn’t the fevered realisation of a dream littered with dystopian futures, dragons and book signings.  Writing marketing resources might not be world building, but it still an exercise in engaging an audience.  So to keep engaging the audience, as a content writer you must always attempt to improve your writing.

The thing is, someone reading a blog is looking for information.  Most of the time, the theme you are

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Aug 16
Why you should define micro and macro goals

I’m not going to start this post by explaining why you need goals. You’re in business for that very reason. And you’re not stupid. Plus, you’ve probably already read (or ignored) 37,198 blog posts that tell you why you need goals.

But what if we add the words ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ in front of the G word?

I’m willing to make a bet that if you’re using Google Analytics to measure your website’s performance, you haven’t yet delved into macro and micro goal
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Aug 15
Publishers love user-generated content

Do you want a good book recommendation?  Try Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.   Publishers thrive on readers making recommendations like that.  So, a major preoccupation for the marketing departments of all publishing houses is to try and provoke conversation amongst the readers   Publishers love user-generated content.

You see, as much as reading is an individual pastime, it also creates communities.  Reading creates discussion; it prompts analysis.  Although people don’t read as a

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Aug 9
Getting your training providers noticed on social media

Let’s not begin with stuffy statistics about the rampant rise of social media.  We barely need to allude to that anymore.  If people haven’t realised that social media is not going away by now, then there is nothing we can do to convince them.  For the rest of us, we just worry about getting the best from the various platforms available.  Luckily for everyone, getting your training provider noticed on social media is doable.

Part of the problem, is working out which of the social

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Aug 8
Converting your live chat to leads

Fewer people pick up the phone these days.  That isn’t some commentary on an encroaching Dystopian society where people can’t connect to each other.  It’s about time.  It’s about choice.  Too little of the former, far too much of the latter.  Anyway who would want to pick up the phone when there is a live chat on the website?

For the busy visitor it might be the difference between making an enquiry and just bouncing to the next company.  Because there is always another company. 

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Aug 7
How to prevent click fraud for PPC

I love website statistics. That’s partly because I’m a bit odd, but also because, when they’re accurate, they provide incredibly useful insights into your audience, the health of your industry and opportunities you’re missing to increase sales and grow your business. That goes for everything, from social media to PPC.

There’s just one problem, which I’ve skimmed blissfully past in the above paragraph - accuracy.

Anyone who has spent some time using Google Analytics to

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Aug 2
Instagram Mistakes that Damage Your Brand

Instagram is a brilliant tool for every business, no matter the industry, products or audience.It’s also the perfect platform on which to make a complete hash of your marketing campaign and online persona. It's easy to make big Instagram mistakes

And, while it’s a pleasingly playful social media channel on which to promote your business, there’s a fine line between making your audience smile and turning them off completely.

Here’s five Instagram mistakes you really should

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Aug 1
The discomfort of neuromarketing

Considering the long history of marketing, neuromarketing is in its infancy.  But, it feels like it was always going to be inevitable.  The marketer has always benefited from a little psychology.  After all, we want to tap into that font of behaviour.

And, we want to trigger the desire switch.

So, it seems that we wouldn't have able to avoid mashing marketing and science together is such a way. 

It just sounds like the prequel to a dark dystopia, doesn’t it?  Think Minority

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Jul 25

The buttons of my Xbox One are thoroughly mashed.  In a futile attempt to kill swathes of marauding Vex and Taken, it is only really for work and food that I have left Destiny 2.  Bungie’s iconic franchise is no longer new.  In fact, you would think its moment of triumph and heyday would be well over now.

So, what is driving everyone back onto the Destiny 2 platform?

Bungie being very clever.  That’s what.

Currently, Bungie are running their annual ‘Moments of Triumph’

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Jul 18
Worry about Local SEO

Think global.  The internet reaches around the world; crashing into living rooms from China to Australia.  Standing in a marketplace crying out your wares so that Ethel has her sausages for tea is a thing of the past, right?  I mean, who really cares about local SEO?


It doesn’t hurt to dream big.  Go for it.  It’s natural to imagine your website on screens from London to Narnia.  However set you are for a global takeover, there are a multitude of reasons why you

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