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Make every campaign feel personal.

Get intimate with Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign make sure that they enable you to provide a very personal experience for your prospects and customers. With easy to use dynamic content features and intuitive segmentation, your campaigns will all read like individually crafted notes to an old friend.

ActiveCampaign’s drag-and-drop email designer is deliciously uncomplicated. You don’t need extensive coding or graphic design qualifications to make attractive, mobile-responsive, email marketing campaigns. It will only take you a few minutes.

But it’s not all about email marketing.

Platform Features

Email Marketing

With one of the most intuitive editors available, Active Campaign is the ideal tool for you.  Create ultra-personalised content that will make your prospects think that you have created an email solely for them.  Set up auto-responders and triggered emails with this instinctive software.

Split Testing

Test everything from your subject line to your images to easily take the guesswork out of your email marketing campaigns.  You can compare up to five emails at a time with Active Campaign.  You can also test entire automated workflows with this slick conversion rate optimisation tool.

Workflows & Automation

Smart Automation means more time being smart elsewhere.  Set your automated workflows in motion with a drag-and-drop automation builder.  In a few minutes, you will have set up a few hours work.  So, you have time for that long lunch break.  Or, you can focus your efforts to another aspect of your business.


Have a live chat and your email working hand in hand together to make sure that you never miss a conversation.  Approach them with a welcoming embrace on your website and develop that relationship from the starters block.  Active Campaign’s conversations feature will enable you to give your prospects a premium experience.


Keeping track of where your prospects are and knowing when to call them can be a bit of a drain.  Especially, if you are not using a powerful CRM.   Active Campaign’s sales automation CRM cuts out the need for searching through emails or business cards to figure out what to do next.  And it all looks so painlessly obvious.  Active Campaign is like having a new team member with an eidetic memory.

Site Tracking

Do you know why people are on your website?  Why they are opening your pages and scanning your content?  Do you know what pages they have visited in the past?  Site tracking will give you all of this information so you can begin to understand your customer’s needs.

Connect with your audience everywhere

Active Campaign are not just about the emails.  Your platform allows you to send SMS messages, connect with your audiences on Facebook and boost calls to action on your site. 

It doesn’t matter where your prospect is, you can reach them.

LeadMetrics have supported and managed our monthly marketing email campaigns over the last 5 years. We are really impressed with the continued support we receive and have found the service easy to use. LeadMetrics have been essential for us, without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver such great results

Evie Collins
Sales & Marketing