What is Inbound Marketing?

All Journeys Must Begin Somewhere

Making Advocates out of Strangers

For a little over a decade, inbound marketing has changed the way we do things. No more purchasing email lists, less money spent buying ads, and a lot less crossing our fingers. You might have found out for yourself, that pushing your products out indiscriminately has proved to be a lot of effort for very little reward.

Inbound Marketing Process


Your ideal customers are out there. They’re on search engines and social media seeking information, products or services. By creating lead magnets such as blogs and social posts, you’re guaranteeing that any traffic brought to your website is relevant. After all, you haven’t thrust yourself at them. They have found you by searching relevant search terms.

High-quality content immediately offers your prospects something of value without any obvious obligation on their part. Providing well-researched and relevant content is a key factor in the customer journey from stranger to advocate.

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Once you have attracted relevant traffic to your website, the next step is to convert them into prospects. You must be able to continue the conversation; even if they aren’t ready to purchase immediately. They’re already looking at your company and making good use of your content. Now is the time to grab their contact details.

Contact information, especially after the implementation of GDPR, has become an invaluable currency to the inbound marketer. For your subscribers to offer their contact details willingly, you must create something with equal value. Thus, you must create more content such as eBooks, infographics, whitepapers, or anything of informative value.

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At possibly the most difficult stage of the inbound marketing journey, you must transform your pool of leads into engaged and loyal customers. Now is the time for you to speak about your brand. You have spent valuable time providing excellent content and industry relevant advice. It is OK now to talk about your products and offers.

Utilising your CRM and other reporting tools you can make sure you have all the right information at your fingertips. Create targeted content to help your contact become ready to purchase from your brand.

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Just because your customer has bought from you once or twice, it doesn’t mean the journey is over. You can’t forget about them simply because they have become a one time customer. Inbound marketing continues to engage with these customers – not merely to retain them, but to turn them into willing advocates for your brand.

Customer loyalty is a luxurious commodity for any brand. But you can’t place a value on a few individuals that are willing to publicly declare their undying love for your products or services. By creating surveys, events, or even making good use of social monitoring, you could quite easily create a group of happy promoters.

Committed to Inbound

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